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Let's see how this goes!

I had this idea, had it for a while, could never implement it. It's for a flash game called Ponistack. It's a physics based game in which you stack ponies for points!

You start off with the Mane Six, that appear in a random order, and they act as the "base" of your tower. The randomly generated background ponies start to appear, one at a time. You have to stack them ontop of each other so that they don't tip. The higher you get, the more points you get. Every 20-30 ponies, a rather "big" pony appears. Big Mac, Shining Armor, Celestia, Luna, etc, and they'll weigh more than the other ponies. But if you stack them, you can get double points, or triple points, depending which big pony you're on. The first would be double points, second would be triple, and so on.

Highs cores can be saved and shared and so on and so forth, pretty much all ponies will spawn randomly and may or may not have slightly different weights, to spice things up, but not make it impossible

Problem is, I have no way of making this, nor do I have the knowledge....that's why I'm here. Anypony interested in helping out? I think it's too good of an idea to pass...

Pic unrelated
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File 134056002283.png - (127.58KB , 1088x1034 , IFHappy Awkward SLurpee(alt).png )
I'm a pony, and I approve this idea :P
>> No. 40057
File 134056055218.png - (440.62KB , 876x714 , 133126757306.png )
shit how high do you have to be to even do something like that
>> No. 40058
File 134056058728.png - (367.12KB , 442x527 , Untitled.png )
Preeeeeeety high man.
>> No. 40059
File 134056087254.png - (51.67KB , 420x294 , Kurt Vonnegut.png )
I approve, although I have no idea how or what to do this.
>> No. 40060
File 134056129980.gif - (106.50KB , 360x400 , SMASHING.gif )
Son I ain't even intoxicated yo
>> No. 40065
Step 1: Physics system.
Step 2: Define physics implementation for ponies in an abstract manner (IE physics templates).
Step 3: Implement some templates.
Step 4: ????
Step 5: Profit.

Jokes aside, you would need a physics system that calculates torque, weight distributions, forces, etc and just properly assign the ponies weight (at least properly with respect to difficulty, you could have ponies on an underlying level act as shapes and naturally different shapes are harder to stack) and just let physics do the work and assign points based on basic factors like amount of contact space, pony weight, and pony shape (or whatever).

It's fairly simple, but I'm pretty bogged down in projects, so I'll have to pass.
>> No. 40077
File 134059321459.png - (721.02KB , 1226x1274 , the fuck.png )
Gah, memories of Flash classes rushing back to me...
I just...I know like, half the crap your saying, man. But thanks, I'll look into it.

Also, self-bump. Anypony?...
>> No. 40085
Normally we would probably shoo you away for just having an idea and expecting somepony else to make it but this is actually a pretty sweet idea. Good Luck on you idea.
>> No. 40089
Box2D. It works with flash, and there's way more tutorials about Box2D written in Flash than in the native language of the library.

I think it would be perfect for this.
>> No. 40127
Completely agree. I've used the native version plenty of times, and it's excellent.

This should be a pretty fun, simple project, perfect for learning flash (hint hint).

Give it a try on your own, then post back here when you get stuck.
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