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Did you know that there will be a MLPFIM convention THIS FALL in Chicago? It's called Midwestria, and the company that runs it is Kollision Inc.

Kollision INC., the company that puts on events such as Kollision Con and Midwestria, is going for a $250,000 grant. We're at 132 votes and we need to reach 250 by 11:59 Eastern Time on Saturday, June 30th. We really need everypony who hasn't voted to vote and those who have voted to pass this along. This grant will be used to improve the events we're already putting on and starting up more great events. If everypony who has voted could just get one more person to vote we would reach our goal.

1. Go to
2. Log in via Facebook (bottom right)
3. Search for Kollision in Illinois.
4. Scroll down and click to vote.
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>> No. 40224
On that note, is anypony here going to Midwestria?
>> No. 40231
Just heard of it thanks to this thread.

Wow, that's really close to here! I'll probably go there.
Have you tried asking for a shout out on EQD?
>> No. 41923
There is a high chance that I might!
If I do, look for a humanized Redheart with a lolita-esque theme.
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