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Just a random idea I came up with while watching T90sAAT. Originally, this was only for myself. But, I thought about how possibly some others would be interested. Basically what it would be is just a basic compilation of music from the show and the community. I know, that sounds pretty boring. What makes it different is little host-type segments between the songs, done in the style of
1. the intro/outro segments on Kenan & Kel (in my mind, using only Pinkie & Dash, but others could easily be incorporated

2. semi-parodies of some of the sketches on All That

Of course, to do this, we'd need folks who can do fairly accurate voices. If we can find somepony who's fairly proficient at sound editing/mixing, that would help, although it's not a necessity. I'd really like to have a special mash-up of various songs from MLP and various songs from '90s Nick shows. (But that's more of a pipe dream, really.)

All in all, my end goal would be just to create a really great CD experience.

Anypony interested in helping?
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