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Hello my fellow bronies and pegasisters, which ever you wish to be, I would like to say that I am considering on starting a social networking site entirely based on on the fandom. I noticed a thread earlier inquiring on a online dating site for the fandom. I instantly thought that would be a great idea, yet there are potential problems to run amock on that. No I was thinking that could be grounds for a lot of problems in the future with creeping people. So I toyed with the idea further. Why not start a brony facebook-esque website? Some out there are probably happy in a relationship, such as I, and one can would not be looking for relationships, but good long term friends, again such as I (I only have one friend who I really talk to {foreveralone}). Anyways, I understand that there are already quite a few social sites out there, but most of them I can't really wrap my mind on them. I am more than willing to start one such site, but I don't like the idea of having a social networking site with only 5 people on there... So I came up with yet another idea. If I receive like 20 'ayes' on for this to come out, I will start working on it right away! Soo.... Who is with me?
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File 134118335132.png - (54.99KB , 500x500 , sit.png )
"brony facebook-esque website"
Do you mean something like ?
Because that exists already.
>> No. 40331

That's the thing though... one .... I am quite familiar with it and it seems to be full of unwanted stuff. No. Here is what I was thinking of..

Timeline = timeline of statuses set by people you follow/are friends with.
Profile customization = I was thinking along the lines of adding implementation of a profile page being fully custom, from layout to what is seen and everything. like OLD myspace
In Browser Chat = I was thinking maybe doing a chat service that can be opened in applications like Psi or similiar
Policies = my mother is a HR Director of a school so she can help me direct safety policies to prevent harassment and such.
Other social network linking = Log in and/or register using twitter, facebook, or youtube with setting statuses for those using this site, content sharing.

I have a lot of ideas, but I want to see people yearning for this. ya know? I'll even take recommendations if anyone's got 'em!
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File 134122340598.jpg - (46.35KB , 570x478 , 533401_138339082970022_892544900_n.jpg )
then not to mention the 100's of successful forums, which could be considered "Social Networking".

It's been done to the roots, you cannot cover anything else, sorry.
>> No. 40336

Ouch! Shot down! LOL. Okay I'll back down from this heh.
>> No. 40337
File 134122586279.png - (87.94KB , 435x394 , 132542385220.png )
Can you code? If so, what and how well?
I have a lot of brony website in the making that I just don't have the time to finish.
>> No. 40519

I am still learning but I've got some experience with mostly web development. More towards PHP as of late. I am currently goofing around with using Java

What are you proposing sammy?
>> No. 40574
File 134181312866.png - (174.44KB , 857x933 , 132508908190.png )
coolios. Well if you want to run a brony website, I have waiting for some love. I'll never go back to it most likely but you can take a look if you want. it is literally sitting their waiting to be ponified and advertised. i also have a couple of other ideas that I never perused but I'd be more than happy to share them with you. email me, if you're interested.
>> No. 40758
Hey I just emailed you. Just wanted to let you know :)
>> No. 40816
Hay, I received your email, and I'll reply to it properly in a couple days sorry life has been getting in the way lately.
>> No. 40817
Ehh It's all okay.. I didn't recieve the email just yet, but it's probably gmail being extremely slow
>> No. 40853

I literally just now got the email, but I replied. Can't wait to collab with ya!
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