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Hello everyone! I found this image online and have been very recently been trying to replicate each part and figure out just how the show is animated. However for the life of me, I can't understand two parts: The hooves and the part that connects the thigh and hind leg. Would any more experienced animators care to explain?
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>> No. 40491
Not an experienced animator or anything, but you might want to check out the MLP animation analysis series!
It breaks down various simple animation clips in a really interesting way. That might help you out a bit!
>> No. 40492
I think OP is looking more for advice on how to build the various symbols for a single pony.
>> No. 40495
I'd recommend looking at the bone structure of ponies as well. It explains all the ways that the body pivots and flexes (assume flexible bone structures).
Saying that you don't understand something is very ambiguous. From a quick glance, it seems to make sense to me, because the hooves can pivot in the show similar to a wrist, and taking into account the bone structure in the the hind leg makes that structure make sense to me at least.
I'm not an experienced animator by any means, but I've spent a decent bit of time working with vectors and the shape of ponies.
>> No. 40502
Hooves are behind the legs so that they can use the same leg symbols and just change the hooves at will.They can use shape tweens for very smooth movements and change the angle of the hooves by just rotating two symbols, rather than having a separate graphic for every possible angle of the hoof. I'm not sure what kind of explanation you want for them though..

For the joiner in the hind legs, it's two flat colour shapes: one is the skin colour, one is the outline colour. They've done this so they can separate the thigh and the lower leg into only 2 symbols that almost never need to change, while having the thigh joiner make up the difference between them. The skin colour goes on top of both symbols, the outline colour goes behind them all to approximate the blending of the outline so you don't notice the shape.

Basically they are simple tricks to get around doing a lot of work making manual poses for every single frame, they can just skew and scale symbols, yet get really smooth fluid animations. that have consistent outlines (consistency is very very important for this style, you can't have animators just making crazy expressive poses, because they don't 'fit' with the rest of the model)

I really have no idea how to explain this any better unless you ask specific questions!
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Perfect explanation! This is the OP, and thanks to everyone who answered! To Anon 40491, I looked into it and it was actually very insightful, thanks for the suggestion!

I'm sorry about being vague with my question, I don't know why I didn't elaborate, it was probably too early in the morning. My question was, what the purpose of the hooves/connector. How would it make the animation more fluid or easier to animate. And working with the files that I got from the MLP animation analysis series it makes perfect sense! I can't believe I didn't see it earlier! Anyway, thanks again for everyone who responded. I don't often come on ponychan, but this has been very enlightening! I hope I can continue to come back if I get stuck on anything, but for now I'll keep learning about flash animation on my own. Thank you once more to everyone!
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