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You remember when I originally brought up that me and some people were going to be working on a StepMania (sorta like DDR I guess) song pack themed around MLP FiM called TrotMania? Well, its actually starting to come to fruition now, and its development even got recently plugged on Equestria Daily just a few days ago!

What I'm trying to aim for is to get some "new" music for it (i.e. recently created songs that are still in obscurity, or intentionally made for it), because in particular; we have far too many Pinkie Pie-related songs already, and need some fresh stuff. Also in particular, I'm starting to hunt for boss songs as well, though while I can coordinate a bit of that here, we're trying to keep that part a little more tight-lipped, maybe.

And of course, if anyone wants to step/make graphics, that's always good too.

So, any questions? Ideas? Etc.?

Z-I-V's simfile system allows for the creation of categories. Thus, you can watch the song list grow and download files as they're added here.
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Exactly what type of music are you looking for to be made for the game? Because I could definitely make a couple songs for it if you want.
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Oh tarnation, I forgot that page is actually marked as private.
Happens to be the forum thread where things are being coordinated on Z-I-V.

Examples of your work please?
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File 134189059185.png - (171.96KB , 922x867 , 01f7ce2f565bcef5684330f1b24fe5b0-d4v5d76.png )

Ah, we have a small problem there. I'm mainly a vocalist who collaborates with other people. I've made stuff on my own but none has been released yet.
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