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I have a new idea for a potential anime-style, story-driven MLP: FiM fan-game, titled "Harmony Drive!" I even have a link leading to an outline to one of the concepts to the story-driven game, namely in the form of henshin transformations:

I've been wondering if there are any experienced:

1. Designers,
2. Writers,
3. SFX-people,
4. Composers,
5. Voice-actors,
6. Animators,
7. Programmers, and,
8. Play-testers...

...Who could work together on this project with me.

As for genre, it's mostly a party-driven action/RPG hybrid, complete with Devil May Cry-style over-the-top combos and team-combos, and powerful enemies, environments, and bosses to apply them on. Unfortunately, I can't go into more details without making this post too long, so you'll have to wait until you choose to accept. Other than that, thanks, and I hope we can work together on this.
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>> No. 40553
Read the project guidelines posted here: >> 37938

Threads where the OP just comes here empty handed to recruit a team of free servants are a solid no-no, especially when they are overcomplex projects and the project leader has zero skills of his own.

I checked the link you posted hoping to see sketches or some kind of pre-alpha demo, but all what I saw was a wall of text full of hype and "ifs" as in, this project could start, IF you can recruit talented people to do all the work for you.
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