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Hello Ponychan!

I'm Squeak, head of Ponyinabox Productions, the guys who make the Doctor Whooves Adventures, and very soon a few other projects as well. We've been getting a lot of requests to make an animation of our audio dramas, and we're finally buckling down to do it! But we need some help, namely in the form of a storyboardist. We need someone to help draw and plan the frames to help make an animation we can all be proud of! This person would be asked to draw out the frames of the following short from the series, so that this guy: has a guideline to finish up the animation process!

If you'd like any information on anything just email us at [email protected]

The short we'll be animating is here:

If you're interested in joining us at Ponyinabox Productions please post or email us a frame from the play above so we can get started!
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Best of luck with it
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