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Originally, a mod for the game BIT.TRIP RUNNER to replace CommanderVideo with Rainbow Dash. The project is becoming it's own game.
Right now, the project is coming along great, in terms of code. As for the actual art(Background objects, items, ect) we are basically nowhere.
We are currently using assets ripped from BIT.TRIP RUNNER(inb4 legal issues and some pony models created from a Minecraft world to test. The project is currently looking for modelers so we don't have to have to be limited to the ripped level tiles. If you would like to help, simply email [email protected] and ask for access to the game files. Here is a video on the current build.
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Unity, I love it already! Why not use the same Minecraft style you used for RBD for the levels as well? 3D Modellers can be pretty hard to find, but it looks like you already have a solution.
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That's a great idea. Thanks. Now to get good at building stuff in MC.(Currently using Brohoof server buildings. Seems to be OK according to their page.

The only real problem with the code we have right now is creating levels. It's very tedious and time consuming trying to place gaps/objects by hand.
If anyone knows anything about level generation in Unity, please send a email with some info.
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