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40621 No. 40621
I have ported Desktop Ponies to Mac, and it works. Unlike the java versions. Please download and give me feedback fellow Mac users. The instructions are on the site, the readme, and in the settings tab of the actual app. please give me feedback and like my page


pc related, its real.
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>> No. 40625
You know what this means.

Retina ponies!
>> No. 40627
File 134205245651.png - (36.63KB , 900x693 , my_little_pony__fim_8_bit_style_by_infernapelover-d517bui.png )

Atari Ponies!
>> No. 40631
Awesome. It scared me when you said it would start with the ponies already running so I was imagining all 100+ ponies starting but glad to see it was only the mane six to start with. That sucks you can't drag an individual pony but oh well. I was wondering how can i add more ponies to it or modify existing ones?

Allready done >>38025
>> No. 40754
Very nice
>> No. 41055
The link isn't letting me go to the site.
>> No. 41061
You'll want it in all lowercase, unlike how it's set up in the OP.
>> No. 41069
There we go. Thanks, this is great!
>> No. 41183
Thank you
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