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Hello everypony!

First off let me say I am still new to this stuff so if I do anything wrong or am not following guidelines or messing up please alert me to the problem and I shall find a solution to it. With that being said now I shall move on to why I am here.

Hello, my name is Schorcht and I represent Two Bit Studios (or so we call ourselves) and needless to say I also lead and manage it as well. We are creating an original pony based RPG game that is unique to its style. We already have people working on this (so this is no plea for life) so I am here to see if I can find more ponies willing to lend a helping hoof. If we head on over to the picture you will see three parts:
(If you can't see pic tell me so I can create a link to it if need be)

1. This represents our overworld as of the moment, as you can see it needs better sprites and a better tile set.
2. This is the concept art on the actual gameplay. As you can see it is sort of a Final Fantasy tactics at the base where you can move and re-position, but also has an ATB bar so it will be fast paced as well, so it stays true to some of the games where the RPG element is more important ( IE kinda like the other Final Fantasies and not like tactics) but still has the mental need to set up for the skills and abilities.
3. This represents what the actually battle system looks like so far. As you can see... its just not present, but still has possibilities!

We are using Unity to create all the technical parts of the games from the blatant dialogue to the complexity of it's gameplay scripts, creating tools as well for ease of creation. Now the battle system is unique. but that is not the only thing that drives the game. It will incorporate a multitude of "Mini-games" from simple card games in Las Pegasus to races in Whitetail Woods and has a choose your own adventure story. So lets get down to where we are lacking, but first a link to our main document that branches off to parts to keep things organized. It is the cross roads of every aspect of the game while holding some value in itself.

So far we have managed to get a enough down to finally leave pre-production. So what am I asking for? Well now lets get down to business:

Game artists: In a video game half the aspect is the the first word. Video. So we need people to help create how the game will actually look. I'll even brake this done into parts. Concept artist come provide a start for writers, programmers, and even the musicians, so they create cool looking stuff and we say "Ah yes this is cool" And then (for us at least) there are general and pixel artists to have their work actually put into the game. We would really like someone who can create good sprites and someone who can create tiles, if not the same person. And the general artist will be nice if we go ahead and add cut scenes to further convey the story.
Musicians: A large part of the narrative of games is in the sound. It you have good looking stuff, but no music the feelings will not get across same with incorrect music. Imagine playing "Party Rock Anthem" at a funeral... ya see not so good. We are welcoming all types of music so grab those sheet papers and get to it!
Writers: Well to add to great gameplay you need a story to drive players forward and give them a reason to come back after they go to be. In our case this a major point, the antagonist uses realities to confuse his victims so making something that will make the player go "Huh?" and he will spend a whole five minutes contemplating on what just happened to then realize what went on then his brain explodes is what we are going for... more or less.
Programmers: We need as much help as we can here. Unity is very trick at times and only having one guy working his plot off is not a good thing, for him or the group as a whole. Lots of people would be nice so that we can have what we want with the mini-games and battle system. One pony only knows so much, they may know "This" but not "That" and if we can get people that know "That" it makes it easier for us and can yield a better result. And maybe down the line we can get someone to create a website to better get across important news, cause I don't even know how to go about making a central hub right now... Blogger? Really bad template website? Something else? I have no clue.

I may have mentioned Final Fantasy a few times and ponies are probably like "Oh... another game just like FF" Please see past the similarities I made between them, it was just easiest to compare them to FF because there is far more than just what I have here. Some stuff I left out on purpose and others are just too small and underdeveloped to mention here, such as a friendship meter of sorts. But a lot of the stuff will be discussed later or if you join the group. So send an email to me at [email protected] with what you believe you can contibute to the team. IE "HEY! I do art!" Or "I like codes!!"

This is all the information I can offer as of the moment so hopefully you liked it, or you want even more information send me an email as well.

Again I hope I did this correctly.

What's that? You want to help but you don't have the skills? Time to dedicate? Zombie Invasion? Whatever else? Well you know what? You still can help out! Just leave your feedback, comments, questions or whatever here and I will be more than happy to see what you have to say, and I will respond back when I can as well. We always encourage feedback of the ponies, because without you... why are we even making a game then. So leave your thoughts, or even a simple "hello". Thanks for taking the time to get through this, and a bigger thanks to those who help out from joining the group to those just leaving feedback. So I bid you farewell, and have a great day!
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