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  Hello, /collab/. I like much of the artwork the fandom has created and many a time I'd like to save personal favorites to my computer for viewing later or simply sharing with others. I find EquestriaDaily's Drawfriends to be a great place to collect these pieces of art that is not a screenshot, image macro or in low quality.

Why: Thing is, doing this daily and alone is downright tedious. I could use some help, and I was thinking of asking a few like-minded individuals for help on this collection project. First, some background information:

EqD is a pony news blog that has a featured art section called Drawfriends (in case you don't already know). It comes out on a daily basis. A typical post consists of 20-30 pieces of art which many consider to be the best of the fandom. The artwork is credited by linking back to the original source. Sometimes, the file's name contains credits as well. Other times, credit is found in a watermark and signature.

Premise for project:

1) Want to recruit 6 people
2) Each person saves all art from a Drawfriend on a particular day of the week e.g. All art from Drawfriend #502 on Saturday
3) Save the credits as well
4) Compress the day's collection via WinRar/7zip/whatever file compression you like and send it to a shared cloud storage account provided

Basically, one person saves one Drawfriend once per day per week, 4 times per month.

Who: I'm looking for people who can dedicate time, about half an hour on one particular day of the week, for a couple of months. Almost no skill or knowledge is necessary for this project (basically anyone who can right-click and save an image online is skillful enough for this)

What: At the end of the day, I'm hoping to make a fully credited Drawfriends compilation download. In a similar vein to this megadocument for pony Wallpaper document:
Which, IMHO, is pretty well done.

If you're interested, please leave a reply in-thread.
If this generates enough interest, I'll provide a more definitive means of contact.

Thank you for your time.

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>> No. 40708
Couldn't you just write a script to pull the data out and simply fill in any blanks by hand?
>> No. 40712
Try bronibooru, it already has all the art tagged with author, source, characters and any important objects in the picture.
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