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Im Epic Mount, from /oat/ and for awhile now I been working on my project My Little Pony: Trinity. While the project is big and 3D it is something I been working on by myself because I am too proud to ask others to do things for me. However I been stuck on my project of late and been sad that I may not get a demo finished before Season 3 start.

Clarity says to go to /collab/ about help, but as I want to be an independant game maker I found it difficult making this thread. However he said that here I can ask others to help me help myself than just my game making, in which I would like some help in how to do some basic things in DarkBASIC Pro to make my game on. If I can learn how to use DarkBASIC Pro better I can work much faster.

I dunno if there are any DBPronies here but started this thread to help one another.
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Oh yah, heres the program in nopony knows what DarkBASIC Pro is.
>> No. 40709
Uhm, Basic? No one will think that you are serious.

If you are going for 3d you might as well go for C++ too.
>> No. 40710
Well DarkGAME Studio did come with DarkGDK, but does it really matter as long a sI get results?
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See this. DarkBASIC is a very dated engine compared to modern ones like Unity. However I wish you well in your endeavors.
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I have to second the concerns, basic isn't considered a serious language. Should it be? Perhaps some variants. But a bigger problem is that it's not popular. You will have trouble finding anyone able to help you. APIs wont be designed to work with it. There will be much fever tools, such as compilers.

I strongly recommend ditching basic and moving on to C++. The syntax is different, but the concepts of variables and flow control are the same.
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I've actually moved on from DarkBASIC quite awhile a go.

I'm interested in using UDK or at least Unity for my work.
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