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I'm working on a game called Super Derpy: Muffin Attack. I've just released first public "Development Preview" and I would like to share it with you.

Super Derpy is a sidescroller game. Plot is settled around incoming return of Discord - he uses creatures called muffinzombies to trap mane six in their homes, bring more chaos to Equestria and in effect - allow Discord to escape from rock.

It is still in very early stage of development, especially when it comes to gameplay. There is only one unfinished and unbalanced level available and it lacks a boss fight - but as engine it written from scratch, I decided to release it now so it can be tested, and of course to make people know about existence of this little project :)

I've got some amazing people to help me with animations, music and voices. In this release you can for instance see Derpy sprites animated by Yudhaikeledai (author of MLP Thinking with Portals series), music by Claire Anne Carr (author of My Little Pony Rock! albums) and hear voices by MEMJ0123 (Princess Celestia from "Luna's Cutie Mark" animation) and Emichwan88 (Twilight Sparkle from Fighting is Magic). There is also work from my IRL friends: graphics in intro story were done by Ania Karlik, who I met on ponymeet in my town; and missing Fluttershy's and Rainbow Dash's houses on the map were drawn by Agata Kurczewska and vectorized by Wiktor Grześkowiak.

I'll need some artists in future to do backgrounds. Lots of them. Probably both artists and background :D You can read a bit more about that in FAQ section on the website. If you think you can help, either contact me now via mail or contact form, or just subscribe to RSS, Facebook or Google+ page and wait for announcement with more details.

OK, and now the most important thing: link! :D
Super Derpy: Muffin Attack is available at

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in this thread, some things for future development of the game are not settled yet, so every constructive criticism and/or idea is welcomed!
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File 134239290740.png - (254.80KB , 1280x800 , SuperDerpy_1341356851_47090000.png )
PS. You can see some screenshots from the game on Facebook and Google+ profiles.
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File 134242232496.png - (73.12KB , 500x500 , mlfw5792-e8ccc1d7f.png )
I just played it. And while the audio and visuals are impressive, the gameplay just doesn't seem too exciting.
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File 134242658035.png - (2.11MB , 1280x800 , SuperDerpy_1341356736_21960000.png )
As I wrote before - gameplay is not finished yet. It's even barely started at all. The main purpose of this release was to develop engine, which will allow me to make good gameplay in near future. That's why it's called "Development Preview", and not even "alpha version".
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I personally would have made the gameplay first then the engine.
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File 134247297202.png - (288.37KB , 1280x800 , SuperDerpy_1341356904_58570000.png )
Well, you can't have gameplay without engine (except on paper :]), and if you'll make some quick hackish engine just for basic gameplay, then you'll have to rewrite it from scratch in long run, as bugs and design flaws will block you sooner or later.
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