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Hello guys!
I have started making a new game. You can read about it here:

I am using the artwork from Desktop Ponies(as you might be able to see). The help i need is mostly feedback. I want to know what i did right, and what i did wrong, so i can improve the game. And also if you like the game, please say so (that is what motivates me to keep on updating the game).

If you are interrested in helping me with other things, there are two things you can help me with:
1: questions for the quizzes. The game contains 3 questions for some of the ponies, and i am planning to add questions for all of them. And if you got any good one, it would help me a lot.
2: ideas for missions. There are two things limiting which ponies i add: which ponies there are in Desktop Ponies, and what ponies i got ideas for missions for. Usually i add ponies as soon as i got an idea for the mission.

I would perfere if you wrote your feedback in a comment on the blog, but i will also check this post once in a while if it's easier for you.

Note: It needs download, and it's only able for windows
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Don't forget to credit each and everyone of the creators of the ponies you are using.

Not long ago, the creators of Desktop Ponies updated their licensing permissions because of thieves and people refusing to give credit, so you should talk to them about your game.
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Thanks for the advice! I have made a credit page on my blog and i have sended an email to the creater of Desktop Ponies
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You can contact the creators of the animations used in Desktop Ponies right here:

They filed their program and animations under a non profit license, which means you can't make any kind of profit from your game OR accept any kind of voluntary donations either. (For more and better details, visit their DA group too.)
>> No. 40805
Cool project. The missions are a really interesting idea with the way they unlock the content. It drives the game and makes it fun to play!

You should add a credit session in your program as well I'd say, as it can be passed on without entering your site. Making a link to the site in the program could be deemed useful by the same reason
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I have released a new update. Go to the blog to find it!
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