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I wish to turn this into some sort of an anime-style flash-cartoon series. Sure, the script is unfinished, but I thought I'd find some people ahead of time to help me, including:

1. Experienced artists.
2. Flash animators.
3. Voice-work.
4. Composers, especially people who can do Jpop and/or Jrock-style music.
5. SFX, especially of the shonen-fight anime kind.

Other than that, thanks for your cooperation, and I'm looking forward to working together with you guys!
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>> No. 40832
read the goddamn sticky
>> No. 40833
Wait, what sticky?

In fact, how do I first pitch in a project and hire potential staff to help me with said project, without making it rejected and what have you?
>> No. 40836

Any project that can be sumed up as "I want people to do all the work for me so I could have whatever I want!" is frowned down around here.

You basically came to ask people to do all the work for you, while yourself are basically an "Ideas Guy" which are hated to death here.
>> No. 40938
The sticky is the first post on the first page.

It's hard to miss. I'd recommend going there before the masses come to burn you at the stake. (sorry I'm being dramatic)
>> No. 40939

It was quite accurate, though.
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