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Hello there everypony

I am the founder of a Pony RPG Game that I and my team are working on at the moment. We have already posted once, but seeing as we've done a lot of progress, I figured it better to make a new thread, so all the important information is in the first thread. So far, these are the ideas we're working towards getting ready for the demo release:

It is a puzzle-based Role Play Game, for now singleplayer. You start out in the schoolhouse as 3 ponies. A Pegasus, Unicorn and Earth pony. Meaning you control a group of 3 fillies/colts, which you can switch between controlling as you go. The first interaction is with Miss Cheerilee. You will then proceed into the schoolyard, where (possibly) Cheerilee will instruct you on how to use the basic controls and the racials for each race, on the different items in the schoolyard. We have not yet decided what all of the racials are, but its certain that you are going to need all 3 ponies to overcome many of the obstacles.

Currently, we're looking for the following:

3D Artist (Modeler)
2D Artist (GUI Graphics)
2D Artist (Textures)
Sound Artist (For the moment, background music)

It is a fairly laid-back project so there is no money involved. We're all working out of pure motivation for making a MLP Roleplaying game. We're progressing with a decent pace, however none of us are as good with 2D as we want for the pictures and such. We already have a few modelers, but there is a lot of work to be done, so obviously, the more help, the better, and the faster we can have a demo out.
To see team specifications, visit our Blogspot.
To join us, contact me on Skype by username Bjarkesgaard or refer to contact methods detailed on Blogspot.

Old outdated thread:
Note: The documents are heavily outdated, so don't count too much on what you read in it.

We will update our less-than-giant progress on the Blogspot.


<--- Pic is our current Pony Creation Screen.
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File 134436998113.png - (243.46KB , 1940x1474 , Project Development.png )
Hey there everypony
Although there hasn't been all that much support around this project yet, I still want to reveal a little about the development.
Pic shows the points we need to complete before the demo is out. Although it seems like much, most of it is fairly quickly done.
Hopefully this'll encourage more people to follow and/or join development.

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We're still looking for Bronies to join the project. We're mainly looking for 3D and 2D (UI) artists at the moment, but anything's still welcome
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We are still looking for Bronies to join in and help making the game. We have just started developing the Level Editor.
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Despite the long time passed between updates, we're not dead, and we're still actively looking for people to fill in the roles described in the main post.
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File 134965622425.png - (73.77KB , 900x880 , 134703204817.png )
I can be a passive UI Designer

Which technically should mean:
>Just contributes whenever
>Should not be relied/depended on, although you can inform me if there's anything you want made/changed
>You should still find someone to fill in the role
>> No. 42307
Given that we currently have none, that would be greatly appreciated :) You got a skype or something I may contact you on?
>> No. 42310
I didn't know passive was an option... holy hell. I am going to send you an email via blogspot.
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omg sorry about the spam, my net's been laggy lately (hope a mod or something can clean it up, that'd be nice)
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Seeing as we got Feral Fury to passively fill out a 2D UI art role, we're still looking for them, but more in the other areas.
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Yes, all of our 0 followers! You read right. We got shaders working, after quite a bit of struggling.
Head over here: to see! ^_^
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I make music. I can do some background music if you like?

I make all sorts of shit and have been told that a lot of my stuff has an 'OST' feel to it.

So yeah, it'd be great if you could give us an email or reply on this thread as to whether or not you're looking for someone to make music.

If so I'll post some of my older stuff.

[email protected]
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This looks pretty sweet so far!
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i can help on manes
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