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File 134283271735.png - (126.07KB , 640x460 , awards.png )
40931 No. 40931
Greetings from the Bit Bucket Brigade!

After hours of debating we have come to you with the winners of both the screenwriting and storyboard competitions. These winners weren’t chosen lightly, we were amazed at the quality of our entries. Unfortunately we could only choose one winner for the screenwriting competition, but we made sure to give the runner ups a nod; there’s also a few honorable mentions as well.

The storyboard competition lent more leeway so we decided to crown not just the previously announced two but an additional four more. We are happy to announce a total of six new members of the Bit Bucket Brigade who will be contributing in several fields that involve their artistic creativity.

The Screenwriting Competition

Our winner of the Summer Funimation Project 2012 Screenwriting Competition:

"Alaka-Sham!" written by Ethan Krueger.

Here are our other finalists for the Screenwriting Competition:

"Born to Scoot" - Tony Saylor
"Eye Problems" - Dylan Gardner
"Twilight Time" - Danny Nye
"Rare Rarity" - Nom De Pony
"Sunny Skies All Day Long" - Johnathan Kesner

The Storyboard Competition:

Jennifer Delk
Corey Grayson
Michael Kalter
Christina Mijares
Pony Rake

Honorable Mentions


We thank all of those who participated and lend them our sincerest regards in their future endeavors.

Stay tuned as we will be announcing production updates, calls for additional talent, and other information.

Note: If you were a contestant and are interested in the Bit Bucket Brigade hosting your screenplay (even if it didn't place) for everyone to read, please let us know. Contestants that didn't win the screenwriting competition and all storyboard competition participants are also reminded that your submissions are still yours to do with what you like! So share them! (That means everyone except Ethan, sorry.)

Follow us on Tumblr:
You can also direct questions at our general email: [email protected]
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>> No. 40936
Are we able to see what any of the contest winners' storyboards looked like? I'd like to know what I was actually up against.
>> No. 40937
Congrats to the winners! I have to say I am amazed to see that I placed so high. Thanks for the honour and I can't wait to see this thing when it is finished!

This was a blast to work on and I really hope that we do it again.
>> No. 40941
File 134284539543.jpg - (96.97KB , 894x894 , 155113 - artist kohtek fluttershy glasses hipster_png.jpg )
We'll ask our contestants if they want to put them up on their DAs or what-have-you so people can see them, and then post some links if there's interest.
>> No. 40952
I'm planning on getting my test board up as soon as I can figure out how to either make it into a Flash presentation or a PDF. Do you have your board up anywhere? Would love to see it! :)
>> No. 40953
Can I still do this even if I started but realized I wouldn't be able to commit if I were chosen so I stopped? (I might finish it anyway for the sake of finishing, but...)

Also, yay, Rake! He's my buddy and I told him about this; I'm glad he got in!

Out of curiosity, will the runner-up scripts be used, too? or is it just "Alaka-Sham"?
>> No. 40954
Quick question for you: you said in your tumblr that the finalists were contacted by email to do another round of revisions, yet I never received an email. Were there only select finalists contacted or maybe something happened where I didn't get contacted?

It's no big deal now that the contest is over, more of just a curiosity at this point.
>> No. 40970
Not sure why we needed a new thread when the other one is still around.
>> No. 40972
I wanted to make the announcement image more visible for those browsing /collab/.
>> No. 40992

I threw up a few more honorable mentions up in our tumblr
>> No. 40993
We had a final five and then debated amongst them until we reached a stalement with two. Someone put up the great idea of allowing them a chance to revise to see who can beef up their script more.

In hindsight we should've given all of the final five a chance to do revisions. Lessons to remember if we decide to return with another competition for next year.
>> No. 40997
Ahh, good to know! As I stated mostly a curiosity and I still feel amazingly honoured to have placed so high and am glad you liked it enough for it to be a finalist. I can't wait to see the winner's script in all it's animated glory.
>> No. 41032
File 134309927387.png - (470.42KB , 1650x1275 , SamplePage1.png )

I do now:

(I was >>40936 , by the way)
>> No. 41044
The text could be better.
>> No. 41310
...Well darn, I hope that's not the ONLY feedback I'll ever get. Is there anyone else out there that's put their own storyboard up online somewhere or could give me some tips on what I could improve? Having no idea what to compare to leaves me feeling pretty unsatisfied.
>> No. 41314
If you want to be a genuinely great storyboard artist, then make a fully colored comic.
Or ye know, just use ink to make things more clear, preferrabily with less sketchy lines. That works too.
>> No. 41372
Sorry, but we're chugging along with production. With work on that and other projects as well it is difficult to sit down and give you notes.

Case in point I've been away for work for the better pqrt ot July.
>> No. 41462
Ah, I understand. Best of luck!
>> No. 41579
I uploaded my storyboard to dA, but forgot to post it till now:

I'm certainly no pro or expert, but I would be happy to give you a view tips and pointers if you want em, or even better, point you towards some people and resources who know a lot more than me! Also, it most certainly is not essential for you to create a full colored comic to be a good board artist, though of course that would be good practice for whatever art you do. It's much more important to be able to tell a good story with a storyboard than to be the most incredibly amazing artist and obsess over every panel. One thing you don't want to do in boarding is fall in love with your art, as so much of it will get changed or cut!
>> No. 41592
I'll add that you also need some knowledge of the technical aspects of it. You're basically the camera so it's important to know camera terms as they are also used in storyboards.
>> No. 42132
File 134842511578.jpg - (501.83KB , 3080x1870 , A little preview.jpg )
Heads up guys. We'll be running a casting call soon.

More details to come in the next week or two. I know its a ways off, but this thread needs a bump.
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