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40945 No. 40945
Hello everypony and welcome to /collab/! We’re a board that’s all about fan made projects. You can use this board to follow and support your favorite fan works, start something up yourself, get extra hooves for your project or contribute to somepony else’s project.

However, a lot of threads in /collab/ tend to go ignored. We’ve got a very active fan base, so if you want to start up a new project: you’ve got a lot of competition! You’ll have to do your best to convince people to work with you.

To that end, we have some guidelines we would like everypony to follow. Remember that they aren’t strict rules, but we would highly appreciate it if you follow them or at least keep them in mind, especially if you want to open a thread here.

The guidelines can be found here:

If you need some help making your thread, don’t hesitate to post in this thread. We’ll be glad to help you out, in fact, we’ll respect you even more for it. And if you see a thread out there that needs a push in the right direction, be sure to refer them to this thread!
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>> No. 40948
Maybe the guidelines should have a special mention of the desktop ponies animations? They seem to be very popular in simple games and people could use the info about how they may be used.
>> No. 40950
How about no?
The least we could need is MORE people taking the easy route and abusing Desktop Ponies to "produce" even more mediocre trash that tries to pass itself as a game.

Plus, the creators of Desktop Ponies are already fed up with people taking their material all the time and the least they need is more people flocking to them to help themselves to their material.

Recently they have been attempting to put certain limitations on the use of their work to reduce the damage and they don't need people deciding on their own what can be done or not with their stuff.
>> No. 40965
Reminding people to check licenses and conditions of what they're using would be a good idea.

But at the same time, it's the responsibility of the desktop ponies devs/artists to police that. Reading their FAQ, the artwork seems fair game as long as the project abides by the CC BY-NC-SA license.
>> No. 40968

Except that nopony ever bothers reading that part AND they have been dealing with lots of people redistributing their work behind their backs, with their own terms of use slapped on them.

The average guy who uses Desktop Ponies to cut as many corners possible on their "game" doesn't even know who are the real creators and what he's not supposed to do with their material.
>> No. 40981
That doesn't matter. My point is still valid regardless of what the "average guy" does with them.

I get the feeling that you think those sprites shouldn't be used outside of their own project. They're CC licensed, meaning copy-left and designed to be used freely.

The guide might need to be more specific on licenses, and maybe point to their FAQ as an example. In all honesty though, it's not that big of an issue as you're making it out to be.
>> No. 40985
File 134298700847.png - (27.54KB , 498x590 , 1268906709387.png )
>> No. 40988
>[They're] copy-left and designed to be used freely
Copyleft doesn't mean free use nor public domain. CC BY-SA-NC is still a licence. If the "average guy" isn't adhering to it, then it might be because of a misunderstanding about what the licence actually means.

A brief introduction/explanation of licences could be useful information for the sticky.
>> No. 40990

The purpose of a license is to add certain limitations and conditions of use for a resource to prevent abuses or theft.

For what I've seen, the artists working in Desktop Ponies have been getting pissed off at the ever growing number of people who uses their stuff to make their own crappy games without giving them the proper credit or even having the decency to drop a single "thank you" to them.

And that's not counting the jerks who blatantly say they created the whole game (animations and such) to gain attention (and sometimes even money) at their expenses.
>> No. 42406
Apparently the Anon on the OC DP thread is still bothering me about recolors. I make sure to credit everyone in the .ini files, yet he still says I'm stealing others' work. If one of the mods could please come over and lend me a hoof on trying to make my point on the fact that I'm not trying to "steal" on purpose, that would be highly appriciated.
This is the same Anon I reported before, BTW.
>> No. 42414

Looking at that thread I can see you didn't gave proper credit to the real author of the animation you recolored so perhaps that's where the accusation came from.

Also, I would tone down the ultra-deffensive and passive-agressive stance you have taking since you began posting there.
Remember, people is completely fed up with recolors so any newcober displaying these will be met with hostility.
>> No. 42415
And I thought bronies would learn something from friendship reports written during the show. I put the friendship reports into action in real life; so should you. That's how you have a good life.
>> No. 42420

Please stop acting like a victim.

Before you go out preaching to others, take a look at the way as you complain about everything and keep acting as if everyone here were bullies or mean people attacking you.
You act as if our Mods were your personal boogymen too, which is a jerk move as well.

Mods, can someone please clean out all this spam? This tread is a guide for this board, not EpicKitty88's personal livejournal.
>> No. 42421
No, I'm not! Stop screwing me!
>> No. 42425
File 135014741320.png - (300.75KB , 590x766 )
Both of you, stop. Anon, you've been continously attacking EK88 over this. Stop the agressive behavior - I've warned you before and the next time will be a ban. EK88, next time, just ignore the aggressive behavior, report it and don't reply if he has nothing constructive to say.
>> No. 42427

I only have been talking to her in this thread, Mod.
>> No. 42542
You're funny when you try to act smart, /v/irgin. Always needing to give the last phrase, always caring about his shitty point. It's really like you're either a woman or a 5 year old.
>> No. 42558
Reported for flamebaiting and wanting to cause trouble on purpose.
>> No. 42598
File 135128011863.png - (7.84KB , 100x100 , Ava03x100.png )
Could I ask for some advice? I was planning to copypaste the thread linked below into /collab/ in hopes of getting help, but after reading the guidelines, I'm not really sure if my thread would fit and if anypony would give a flying feather about it, the way it is now.,10812.0.html

Essentially, I was hoping that people would help me gather ideas for illustrations, while I would handle finding and/or drawing illustrations myself, with potential possibility of looking for other talented vector artists to help me out with some of them. But I can't really do anything if I can't get anypony to lend me a hoof with the ideas, since personally I'm having a hard time finding any.

So, how could I improve the thread if I want to post it on /collab/ and actually get some attention and help?
>> No. 42601
File 135128040258.png - (426.00KB , 900x900 )
I think the main problem you'll have is people not being familiar with the game, then looking at your list and say: "I think I'll skip this thread".

I think you'd do good to provide at least one illustration of a card and use that as the picture for the OP. Explain the basic rules of the game and put the list of cards in a google doc, then link that (so the OP doesn't seem too daunting). Emphasize that you need ideas and not necessarily workers and you'll probably get a few responses.

Might also be a good idea to make a thread in /g/, linking to this one. Not everypony uses every board, so you'll draw a bit more attention this way from people who just want to drop their ideas and leave.
>> No. 42602
File 135128413777.png - (7.84KB , 100x100 , Ava03x100.png )
That's some pretty good pointers. :) Thank you very much, I'll try to come up with something.
>> No. 43042
Is there a thread that goes the other way around? E.g., instead of help wanted, an 'unemployment line' thread?
>> No. 43553
This is needed.

But I preffer a thread along the lines of.
"I don't know anything and want to learn, please teach me"
>> No. 43571

That is too vague and will cause nothing but clutter and frustration.

As an example, imagine a guy asking to be taught how to make movies.
"Can you write the movie's script?" (No, teach me!)
"Can you draw?" (No, teach me!)
"Can you use any graphic software? (No, teach me!")
"Can you use flash?" (No, teach me!")
"Can you make a good pony voice?" (No, teach me!)
"Can you record and mix the voices needed for the movie? (No, teach me!)
"Can you manage a group?" (No, teach me!)

This is just one example of a guy who knows nothing and all the work involved to make him learn the abilities needed to something, and that's only if the guy is willing to listen and dedicate time and effort to learn and improve his new skills instead of giving up after the third day to complain and fish for better answers.
>> No. 43577
I see, I'm very sorry.
>> No. 43990
With this whole Fighting is Magic debacle, I was wondering whether Projects might see some use out of a licensing thread.

Specifically: How to ask Hasbro for an official license to use MLP in a not-for-profit project, about what quality/size your work should be/have before you submit your request, that sort of thing?
>> No. 43991

All what you need to be safe is never trying to make a profit from their IP and not rocking the boat.
>> No. 44013
As i say in some other places just change all the names, use fan made ponies (Fallout Equestria) or change a bit the color palette of the original ones, use fandom songs remixes and avoid original tv show melodies is easy avoid the shittyright stuff if you make this changes not put in the game things names like pony, mlp, frendship,cutie mark, magic, ponyville...
use things like horsies, cute tatoo, talent mark (cutie mark), horsieville(ponyville), Sunset Sparkles(Twilight Sparkle), queen solar(Princess Celestia), Applejess(Applejack), bright shield (Shinnig Armor)...

this should be the way to go to all future brony fandom stuff

Last edited at Sat, Feb 9th, 2013 23:44

>> No. 44387
This is my first time here... I made a Season 4 predictions video on Youtube, would I be able to promote it here? Or do I have to ask for other people to help me some how?

Because I DO know how people could help me: I got one person hit my video with several rapid-fire thumbs down using alternate accounts, and even told me about it, joking,
"I just wanted the rating count to be equal ;_;"

So if I could have several people give the video thumbs UP to counteract this, then people won't immediately turn away from the video when they see the rating!
>> No. 44406
File 136305683528.png - (109.71KB , 512x512 , rbd_notarmy_by_drzackrosimagemacros-d5a77lm.png )
This is a board for constructive fanprojects.

What you are asking here is nothing but a personal army to give you free attention and free upvotes so you could feel special over a video you made for yourself.

So no, this is not the place for you. Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were expecting.
>> No. 44415
Indeed. There are far better places to post personal Youtube videos than on the board intended to promote (usually) incomplete projects. If you needed some assistance on making a video this would be the place, but not for personal gain like this.
>> No. 44480
File 136379097026.png - (213.40KB , 400x474 , Lyra is the best pony and she knows what serious bussines is.png )
So, I was wondering, if it'd be fine for me to make a thread about my -wip- game with a simple -looking for a team- inside it?
Just curious
>> No. 44509
That's the exact design and intention of this board, to ask for help with incomplete projects and get advice on them. By all means, go ahead.
>> No. 44770
Stop with the technical lying, this board has no volunteers.
>> No. 44771

It has, but the abuse of many people (who only think of them as free labourers) and the abuse of those irritating buzzwords such as 'placeholder', 'I'm a coder, so I will give the orders' and 'technically I'm still not wrong' makes them stay silient to avoid unneded headaches.
>> No. 44900
I'm a coder and I'm jealous of artists for what they can do.
I think it's the other way around: Artists define how it should look (because coders aren't good at it xD) and we make sure the computer displays it like that.
>> No. 44912

I remember back then when a lot of irate coders kept throwing tantrums and hissy fits because they weren't valued as much as graphic artists or music composers.

Especially since most of those coders were just kids who were using premade engines and parroting out technical terms to sound more impressive.

Fortunately, they all abandoned the place and took their silly tantrums with them.
>> No. 45166
I often use the word placeholder. Should I say something else?
>> No. 45206
Maybe you shouldn't use neither the word or the placeholder themselves.
>> No. 45232
Ah, now I get the point!
It sounds like we use the word to justify that it looks ugly.
Sure, it's better when we rather don't show something to team members when it contains placeh... I mean isn't finished. Just make everything and then... wait! Why would we then need team members?
>> No. 45791
File 137997664581.jpg - (34.33KB , 639x483 , is it scrumptious my little pony? yess precious it isss.jpg )
> Deep down in a dark corner of Ponychan lived old /collab/. I don't know where it came from, nor who or what it was in long-forgotten years past beneath the light of the sun; for few indeed ventured there now.

> /collab/ had a little boat, and rowed about quite quietly on the Internet; wide and deep and deadly cold. Anons paddled it with large feet dangling over the side, but never a ripple did the site make. Not /collab/.

> One user was looking out of his pale lamp-like eyes for blind parasprites, which he grabbed with his long fingers as quick as thinking. He liked ponies, too. Alicorn he thought good, when he could get it; but he took care they never found him out. He just throttled them from behind, if they ever came down alone anywhere near the edge of the water, while he was prowling about.

> They very seldom did, for they had a feeling that something unpleasant was lurking down there, deep down at the very roots of Ponychan.

> They had come upon the site, when they were tunneling the IRC long ago, and they found they could go no further; so their thread 404'ed in that direction, and there was no reason to post further -- unless the Great Pony sent them. Sometimes she took a fancy fishing for spam in the depths of /collab/, and sometimes neither fish nor spam came back.

> Actually the anon lived on a slimy island of rock in the middle of /collab/. He was watching the brony now from the distance with his pale eyes. The brony could not see him, but he was wondering a lot about the brony, for he could see that he was neither a failed programmer nor a shitposter...

Sorry, just getting that out of my system. I wanted to post something encouraging folks to raise /collab/ from the dead,
but not in my actual thread which will hopefully be constructive even if it doesn't generate any activity.

If it's any comfort to folks who are wondering: /collab/ has always been very slow

> and of course Hasbro C&D'ing all our best projects hasn't helped.
> (Speaking of which, what's up with Fighting is Magic anyhoof?)

So hopefully pones can consider putting project threads here like a serial thread and bring activity in from other forums with them, without asking or expecting "resident posters" to make their project happen!

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