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So I got burgled last night, gone is my laptop with all the core files I had made... At least I had a usb stick with the gamemaker program file...

So to cheer myself up, I want to post the last video of the project, as it will be some while till I get up and running again.

Details below

Current working title 'Journey Through Equestria'

When I first started it was going to be a turn based RPG, the only thing I wanted was armor that would change to show what you have on while matching to the animation... Well I did that but soon got inspired.

So now I have a random generating map with a battle system that takes alot of inspiration from Diablo III (Wasn't on purpose at first, but I rolled with it)

My plans are along these;

Stage 1 - Make the forest more rounded - more enemies, items, unique location items.
Add some more attacks and make the level/stat system more important.
Stage 2 - Will be to make the map go to a new area, so more enemies and items, etc.
Stage 3 - Different Classes, Got Unicorn and Nature already lined up, with flight being a choice for Warrior and Nature.
Pipe dream is to have the anti stealth class - Party Pony!

All this so far has been made by me alone, all my own art and work but I do like the idea of letting people loose on armor design or just hearing ideas @DrLonePony
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>> No. 41098
Uhm, try using source control the next time? It has so many advantages that it is insane not to use it even for one day scrap projects.
>> No. 41108
Not that extreme, but yeah, source control is pretty much invaluable, even if you are working by yourself. It helps with keeping track of things and moving between computers, etc.
>> No. 41110
File 134348607120.jpg - (85.08KB , 812x652 , JourneyTE.jpg )
Thanks, yeah never really thought of it, will look into that as I start building things back up!
>> No. 41115
File 134349162990.jpg - (227.56KB , 800x600 , Journey.jpg )

And here is a link to the playlist from week 1 to present showing how it started and why I was gutted to lose the core art I spent weeks making.

Oh well, more excuse to improve them again ;p
>> No. 41172
File 134364752422.jpg - (92.38KB , 803x609 , JourneyTEInterface.jpg )
Ok people, are we all sick of interfaces that all look the same?

If not, my job is easy, but what ideas are out there to make things more interesting? I could go for the bog standard bars and side buttons, in the considered usual positions.

The map will not be moved >> I like it there, but lets hear what you want in GUI's and Display.
>> No. 41174
File 134365075528.jpg - (9.59KB , 278x228 , JourneyTE3.jpg )

Looking at that made me sad how poor my temp parasprites looked, so I just updated them ;p
>> No. 41178
How much can you probably recover based on what you have? O_o
>> No. 41180
File 134366115934.jpg - (10.28KB , 247x231 , JourneyTEx.jpg )

Basically, I got all the code work I did(The fact it is always the same room took me along while to get right) plus now a ton more done to that code since that was the easiest thing to work on at the mo.

But I lost all my photoshop files with the layered images for easy changes and alot of the sprites now only exist in the game (Though I image a bit of copy and past will get them back, it'll take a while)

Pretty much the hardest thing to lose was the Manticore and the Sea Serpent as the photoshop files allowed for me to animate certain parts quickly if I changed my mind. (or in the manticore case, prepare for animation)

It does seem since this horrible event, I've actually got alot more work done >> New sprites, Menu items are now alligned and limited, xp bar code. Apples ready as healing items, alot of cut down numbers. So I'm not letting it keep me down ^_^ though I can't record it's progress on this laptop >< so that sucks
>> No. 41208
File 134377030938.jpg - (67.66KB , 1234x610 , Untitled.jpg )
What's in progress right now? Well I've added the building blocks of the character customization, prior to starting. So I only have 2 hairs and 1 tail, but again have to build my resources from scratch, so I made the Pinkie doo quickly for an example.
The color choice is pretty horrific as an interface, but again, working blocks come first!

Also added is a health bar and classy(greey screen) game over now. Leveling up is also added but really over powers you, but the areas have been adapted to prepare for increasing strength on monsters the further you go.

Oh and right clicking destroys held items, plus the start of a mouse over window for info.

Busy couple of days ;D Take that thief!
>> No. 41209
File 134377244157.png - (1.15MB , 1536x863 , 1327674829628.png )
Now you know why backups are always a good idea! Even something simple like dropbox works well for that, or you could use something like SVN, git, or mercurial to back up stuff to somewhere else.
>> No. 41229
Youtube embed play button
  So I was able to get my little laptop to record for a few seconds, again apologise for the shabby looks but I just wanted to show how character creation will be handled.
>> No. 41248

Are you in need of any help? Playtesting? Advice? Somepony to consult? While I'm not a programmer, I've played just about every Ps1 and Ps2 RPG out there (This includes rare games like Suikoden II :3) and I'm pretty familiar with how turn-based RPGs play.

I'd be more than happy to help out if you need anything.
>> No. 41275
I loved Suikoden, I owned II and my biggest anger was 3 was not released in the UK as I was ready to go to the trouble of getting 1 and keeping my game going.
Back when this was imagined as a turn based RPG, Suikoden would have been a heavy influence, as I moved to more of an Action RPG I was disappointed, but its become something different and a lot more easier to plan out in stages. (First build is aiming to get one class and the forest area fully playable)

While I haven't got the desire to open up the building of the game, I am more than happy to open up to testing, I did ponder doing this earlier, but there is alot to fix (You can run out of a room by finding the sweet spot)

But yeah if you're happy to just play the latest build, feedback (Though I reserve the right to go I know, working on it!) and offer constructive ideas, I'll put up the latest build ^_^

Just remember to have fun with it
>> No. 41282
Sure! If you'd like to do it via email, contact me at [email protected] ^_^!
>> No. 41284

Got a returned e-mail ;(
>> No. 41322
try [email protected] then ^_^
>> No. 41323

Hopefully that worked!
>> No. 41358
Do you happen to have a skype account? It'd be easier if I could give feedback through there, I think.
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