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File 134345703939.png - (35.13KB , 1034x815 , not_so_mini_pony_sprites_by_lekonua-d4vviea.png )
41107 No. 41107
Hi, I'm working in a MLP RPG using RPG Maker VX, but I'm having some problems with the pony sprites. I tried editing the default horse sprite, but it didn't turn out right.

So, anyone has a sprite that I could use to edit?

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>> No. 41112
I will help you by saying that you should NOT use Desktop Ponies sprites unless you want to earn everyone's hatred and scorn.

They have been used in so many crappy games by lazy people that now every game that uses them (especially rpgs made in game maker or rpg maker) are shunned and ignored on sight.

If you browse through Deviantart you can find decent pony animations or pony templates that are NOT based on Desktop Ponies, but get sure to ask -and receive- the creator's permission before using those ponies.
>> No. 41134
File 134353245053.png - (64.86KB , 320x320 , why.png )
>hatred and scorn

If the games are really that bad they will fall off the radar on their own, all you're doing is preventing the really good games from happening.

>shunned and ignored on sight

So... no CrazyPony?
>> No. 41136

Generally, using Desktop Ponies is a sign of a lazy person trying to "create" something with the least amount of effort possible.

Same goes for premade game engines, which are limited and the games made with them tend to be insipid and very similar among each other.

On the other hand, a game project using original art automatically attracts more attention because it offers something new.
>> No. 41138
File 134354837546.jpg - (12.47KB , 320x180 , makes_sense.jpg )
Oh the hate is just towards using Desktop Ponies with RPG makers? Seemed like every game with Desktop Ponies was shot down before it even started.

OP might be making something fun, with or without Desktop Ponies. Good luck OP!
>> No. 41139
File 134356224725.jpg - (360.14KB , 1272x496 , ponies.jpg )

Speaking of OP, good luck indeed, but any idea on size limits, what you are looking for?
I made a random generating pony sprite for my first game, not really using them now I've moved up another size.

As a completely from scratch creation, hopefully no scorn to worry about!
>> No. 41151

No, the hate is towards people using Desktop Ponies and premade engines.

It's a very cheap way to mass produce terrible games without any kind of effort and they use up time and space that steals attention from the people who truly creates their games on their own.

Case in point, Minty Fresh Adventure.
That game is fun, nicely made and uses original animations so it's really good. But every time someone pops in to post another awful "game" made with Desktop Ponies, Minty Fresh Adventure's thread is unjustly sent down a place until it gets kicked to the second page.
>> No. 41153

Out of curiosity, how many desktop pony games are taking up front page spread, I had a quick glance through and saw alot of other projects, a couple of ones that had home made sprites. Didn't seem like a torrent of them pushing others down.

Now excuse me while I go look for that Minty Fresh Adventure, cause I did not see that and was the main reason I checked the first few pages ;p
>> No. 41154

Hah, I'm blind, found it right under!
>> No. 41157

We had a surge of those games as soon summer vacation began. We still have a few of those poping out now and then, but fortunately people is slowly getting the hint and they take that junk elsewhere.

Deviantart is chocked full of those "games"
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