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Wada Ya think
>> No. 41132
>More than a hour,
>No replies
Me sad!
>> No. 41135
I'm confused about what the point of this thread is.

If you want help, or something, or anything really, you need to be specific. Read the guidelines sticky for more information.
>> No. 41143
Just want an opinion

The best way to improove my work is by taking critics
>> No. 41145
Well, I mean, is this an art resource that you made? If you want criticisms for art resources, you'd be better off in /art, since this is more for people who are trying to get group projects done, and show other people their project's progress, not really get critiques.

(correct me if I'm wrong anypony)
>> No. 41150

We have absolutely no idea of what is this because you just dropped by without an introduction or an explanation of what are you trying to accomplish here.

Is this a game? A game mod?
Or simply a pretended game made in photoshop just for fun?

More information plase.
>> No. 41156
Well, this is just a map cinematic map for sfm/gmod/tf2 propouses,
Since there's no good cynematic maps out there
im trying to replicate ponyville, so maybe we can get sfm fim episodes or something like that
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