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I am interested in creating a brony craft book. That is, a book that would teach you to make various MLP related crafts such as cross-stitching, embroidery, knitting, crochet, possibly some other things. For instance, a book that would show you how to cross-stitch or embroider a hand towel with the spa ponies. Or a cutie mark afghan, or embroidering cutie marks or ponies onto shirt pockets.

What I need right now is people willing to contribute designs and patterns so that I can get a full range of crafts in. Maybe one or two other people to help me manage everything if it gets very big. I would like it to be as big as possible. I dunno if it would be web released, but I'd like to make it a real book if there was real interest in it- like Past Sins and Fallout Equestria. It would be non-profit, of course, and I imagine any money given would be put towards a real print run.

I have a degree in English with an Excellence in Writing award, so I can handle the editing (again, unless this project got very large). I might need some help with pictures of the projects so that readers would know what finished projects are supposed to look like.

I should be able to contribute some cross-stitch patterns, as I do dabble in that, but that's not nearly going to be enough. I'd like this book to have all kinds of crafts so that every brony can find SOMETHING they could have a go at. And, of course, any contributor would get full credit for their work.

No money would be made off of this project- any money earned would be put towards a physical print run of the book, and any left over would go to subsequent runs OR a charity.

If anyone crafty here is interested, or maybe you would just like some more information, please e-mail me at [email protected] And don't be hesitant if you don't do needlework! I need all sorts of crafts, and that includes stained glass, etching, wood burning and all sorts of things!
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