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Hello /collab/,
I'm new here, and I'm unsure if I'm in the right spot, but anyway I'd like to ask for some help.

You see, I had an idea of modifying Plants Vs Zombies to make everything, except the zombies, more pony. Only trouble is, I can't draw ponies, program certain things or think of any more good ideas than what I've come up with.

If you're interested in helping, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] on what you want to help with, which are:
~A programmer (just to change a few things in PvZ around so it doesn't look like a bunch of ponies floating around or if anything else goes wrong. Not a very big job, sorry)
~An artist (for the pony sprites and loading screen)
~Absolutely anyone with ideas (anything, like which pony should replace which plant [no OC's please], something to replace the plant information in the almanac, or anything else that could help us)

So far, my ideas for some of the plant replacements are:

Peashooter = Twilight Sparkle (projectile - magic blast)
Sunflower = Princess Celestia (seemed logical, considering the Sunflowers are important and... well, you know... sun.)
Frozen Pea = Rarity (projectile - some type of gem)
Jalepeno = Rainbow Dash
Scaredy Shroom = Fluttershy
Imitater = Changeling
Twin Pea = Flim and Flam
Tangle Kelp = Trixie (I thought of this while thinking of when Trixie humiliated Applejack with the rope)
Torchwood = Spitfire
Kernel Pult = Pinkie Pie (projectiles - cupcakes and, occasionally, a cake)
Doom Shroom = Discord

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
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File 134398541530.jpg - (27.03KB , 385x360 , 132381561397.jpg )
lol. NSW.
I don't have much to contribute other than say, PvZ is the sickest game.
>> No. 41325
It would be awesome if Bonbon or Lyra Heartstrings was the sea-shroom ;)
>> No. 41343
So... if you can't draw or program, what CAN you do? Sit back and claim credit?
>> No. 41348
Well,I can organize everything. That's all I'm good for at the moment. I do want to get into game and software development in the future, but right now I can only think of ideas. But no, I will not claim any credit whatsoever since I am fairly useless with this at the moment.
>> No. 41349
Idea has been noted
>> No. 41370
I've thought of some other ideas.

Sea Shroom = Lyra (thanks Anon!)
Spikeweed = Spike

Any others?
>> No. 41383
potatoes should be tom dan
>> No. 42032
Well, after looking at a sprite sheet, I have realised that this is pretty much impossible.

So now this project will be abandoned (not that anyone really gave a shit in the first place, which IS actually understandable.)
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