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>> No. 41309
Of what?

I'm not going to download something that I don't even know what is.
>> No. 41318
Yo' Mr game maker person, my laptop is saying "No Operating System found" on a black screen after trying to open up your game? What's going on!?

But seriously, what is this. My laptop OOM'ed within 2 minutes of it "loading".. Looks suss, I wouldn't download it.
>> No. 41319
NoNo, it loaded, chews through RAM and CPU.
>> No. 41320
I don't really understand why if you make rarity sprint while jumping she jumps further...

Oh, and didn't it say not to touch the blue ones?
>> No. 41321
Then I got stuck: Like seriously, I can't move any more.

Nice Game OP, you need to write more about it next time or no one will download it
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