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Hey /collab/, I'm Pony Lockheart, story writer and planner for a fan game called Night of the Undead. It's, as the genre suggest, a game which basically have players survive against waves of undead from the Everfree Forest. It is a game which utilizes a top-down view and has a ability system a la DotA. The group currently has three people working on it and we need your help. Whatever you need to know such as gameplay mechanics, features, and graphics can be found in the Game Design Doc here.
Anyone interested in helping out in this game, the contact information can be found in the Game Design Doc as well. It's a small game, nothing big. Not yet anyway.

Current Game Dev Stage: Concept Planning and Artwork.
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>> No. 41378
I'm interested in how this will turn out. I got nothing to help you with, sorry.
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File 134445089653.gif - (396.51KB , 500x281 , relevant.gif )
Ok, I'm interested, I'm good with programming but I'm just starting with videogames
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File 134476882963.png - (154.64KB , 706x1131 , 1341997836916.png )
Um, if you would like I could work on some drafting sketches? I'm only an amateur artist so, I'm probably not good enough for doing the art in the game but, I'll be more than happy to help out where I can!
>> No. 41526
I'm sure Pony-T won't mind. Just send him an email. It's in the GDD
>> No. 41527
Would you like to give it a try? Pony-T's email can be found in the GDD.
>> No. 41549
Sounds neat, if you're going through with it. Would you like a music composer?

Here is a recording of something I just kinda made up for this thread, sounds spooky enough to me.
>> No. 41582
We've got two music composers already but you're welcome to help us out. We discuss on SKype and you can find Pony-T's Skype account there.
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