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#Single collab #Collection #Discussion #Random
Hi Me and my 2 friends are making a fan fiction a violent version of pony's we need animators and voice actors

If you interested add creeperofmojang
on skype and talk to me
if your right for the job ill pass you to the boss guy
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Read the goddamn sticky
>> No. 41468
If your OP is any indication of your writing capabilities, then perhaps you ought to consider spending the time learning how to write instead.
Also, dear lord, that is an ugly OC.
>> No. 41533
I would be more than happy to provide some voice acting. I am just getting started but it would give me some experience in the voice acting field. I'm busy at the moment but if you want to check out some of my voices or just my natural voice check out oncomingpony on YouTube. I don't have many videos but I am working on some with Braeburn. Right now I have a rough version of Big Mac.
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