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41472 No. 41472
For the past 2 days I have been doing nothing but trying to find a Pony TCG that is 100% completed. I figured I would do this so that we might be able to track them all (with hope) eventually all be able to play the same game.

This is an attempt to find and hopefully list all current MLP:FIM card games and their progress. Feel free to add any that you know of and their current status.

Since a lot of these games are going to be labeled along the lines of "MLP:FiM TCG"
try your best to find the creator or a decent enough name.
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>> No. 41473
File 134474426457.jpg - (53.65KB , 449x613 , rainbowdash luna.jpg )
Pincess Luna's TCG
Project Status: Unknown (most likely abandoned)
Last online: Feb 14th 2012

I was only able to find 3 cards all of which were of superb quality. Seems to mash up in some areas to Discription of MLP:CCG (Below) possible merging or similar play style.
>> No. 41474
File 134474473122.jpg - (146.98KB , 298x416 , MC1v2.jpg )
Name: MLP:CCG Creator: Age
Project Status: Currently Closed Beta testing
Last Online: August 11th 2012 (Today)

This site is frequented by the beta testers and guests. While no previews of their cards are readily available (besides what seems to be an unfinished Twilight) The game is going to be released to the public over LackeyTCG for standard playing soon.

Interesting setup using similar terms to Magic: The Gathering, the rule book isn't that thorough but gives a general idea on how the game will be played.
>> No. 41476
File 134474541776.jpg - (29.52KB , 265x374 , Celestia-Princess-of-Equestria.jpg )
Name: Magic the Gathering: Shards of Equestria Creator: (Had trouble finding out)
Project Status: Complete ^_^

This is a set of equestrian magic cards, complete and ready to play! Unlike other MtG/MLP cards, this set is balanced and play tested, so don't worry about over poweredness or not. Well don't worry too much.

The creator said that he would like to do another set, so if all goes well expect to see an entire block dedicated to ponies.
>> No. 41477
File 134474569021.png - (858.60KB , 945x945 , 30637 - artist exploding_guy artist megasweet battle epic field plot twilight_sparkle.png )
Quick break! For those of you who want to be able to make your own cards and what not, here's a link to a man known as the Home made game Guru.

Basically for around 20 bucks you can print out your own cards that aren't going to need a backing. Highly suggest watching.
>> No. 41478
File 134474595987.jpg - (44.46KB , 375x523 , devour_everything___fimtg_by_kitonin-d3is6nb.jpg )
Name: Friendship is Magic the Gathering Creator: Kitonin
Project Status: Complete

This is another Magic the Gathering set, though it's more a collection of random cards. He has tried to not have to many of them over powered but even still they are more mix and match. Even still... Check out that Devour Everything...
>> No. 41479
File 134474637401.png - (26.80KB , 145x215 , Pinkie Pie MLPTCG.png )
Name: MLP:TCG Creator: Master Weaver
Project Status: Unknown
Last Online: May 29th 2011

From what I can gather this guy made the website then left, although from what I can gather folks send in their ideas and then get approved. From the traffic I think people are basically just playing the game via posting their ideas. So... Yay?
>> No. 41480
File 134474666527.jpg - (57.48KB , 798x492 , drinkismagic.jpg )
Name: Drinking is Magic Creator: Spierek
Status: Complete ^_^

A lot of you might remember it from the /collab/ thread made quite a while ago, well as you should know it's finished. Here's the description for all you new foals: "160 cards, ready for printing, with rules and printing instructions included inside. Basically, this is a spin-off of the "4chan Drinking Game", but with an entirely new layout and balance changes."
>> No. 41482
File 134474792328.jpg - (66.89KB , 500x500 , Shrug_Celest-(n1301250636513).jpg )
Name: MLP:FiM TCG Creator: Erik Gallegos
Project Status: Unkown (I think still on-going)
Last online: July 1st

The cards lack pictures but the idea seems solid.
>> No. 41483
File 134475188203.jpg - (354.43KB , 726x958 , mlp_tcg__diamond_dog_guard_by_chadrocco-d3gyxdn.jpg )
Name:MLP TCG Creator: Chad Rocco
Project Status: Unknown (emailed today)
Last Update: A while ago man... a while ago.

This concept seems awesome. I'm pretty sure it's like Pokemon except you use dice instead of energies. Unfortunately, I don't think he will be completing it, but we'll see. Check out the design too. Very neat.
>> No. 41493
So after emailing Erik yesterday, he sent me a message. He is still working on it, I also sent him the link to ponychan, so he might be dropping in.
>> No. 41501
File 134484892964.png - (137.22KB , 740x1079 , twilight_sparkle_yugioh_card_by_ninenineninefour-d55rru2.png )
Name: Yu-gi-oh Ponies (not really but it fits) Creator: Ravi/9994
Project status:In progress, seems more like a as he feels like adding onto it kind of thing.
Last online: Recent, posted here August 12th 2012

While not having a large number of cards the ones made so far seem to flow together nicely in the ways of artwork. I'm not a Yu-gi-oh fan so I can't give much more information on it then that, but go take a look!

<Attempting to verify project status>
>> No. 41502
File 134484957790.jpg - (43.13KB , 375x523 , discord_mtg_by_shadic_x_hedgehog-d4polju.jpg )
Name: Elements of Harmony MtG Creator:Shadow-X-Hedgehog
Project Status: Ongoing (unconfirmed)
Last online: Known to be April 24th 2012

Shadow plans on finishing out the set before putting it into a zip file for downloadable use. However feel free to check out the singles right now. The set might need a bit of play testing when he's finished, but it isn't looking half bad.
>> No. 41503
File 134484697977.jpg - (41.87KB , 375x523 , 134431153932.jpg )
With all of the cards that have to do with Magic the Gathering, I'm almost thinking we could have our own releases. After we combine and test play of course... Maybe I'll make that a pet project dunno.

In the meantime here is a link to Shakes MtG set, completed I believe, but with a minor details and test playing. It's on Ponychan, so it won't be here forever. Though I'm trying to get a solid copy.

>> No. 41504
Well... Help didn't work. Here's the normal link. I'm sure I won't mess that up:
>> No. 41508

XXRB to gain control of target creature with CMC X? O.o? I would have to pay 6 mana to gain control of a creature with a CMC of 2.
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