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41545 No. 41545
I'm making a pmv of
"Gil Scott-Heron:Home Is Where The Hatred Is"
what episodes would have good content for these lyrics:

A junkie walking through the twilight
I'm on my way home
I left three days ago, but no one seems to know I'm gone
Home is where the hatred is
Home is filled with pain and it,
might not be such a bad idea if i never, never went home again

stand as far away from me as you can and ask me why
hang on to your rosary beads
close your eyes to watch me die
you keep saying, kick it, quit it, kick it, quit it
God, but did you ever try
to turn your sick soul inside out
so that the world, so that the world
can watch you die

home is where I live inside my white powder dreams
home was once an empty vacuum that's filled now with my silent screams
home is where the needle marks
try to heal my broken heart
and it might not be such a bad idea if I never, if I never went home again
home again
home again
home again
kick it, quit it
kick it, quit it
kick it, quit it
kick it, can't go home again
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>> No. 41553
File 134509124069.png - (211.70KB , 487x613 , 132435689463-sarcastic_pony_face[1].png )
thanks for all the help /collab/
>> No. 41560

Read the goddamn sticky
>> No. 41562
Almost screen cap worthy.

There isn't anything in the /collab/ sticky about asking a question like this. Maybe "Don’t show up with just an idea."

However, he already said he's making it... just looking for some help... Albeit very bluntly. You need to smooth talk OP.

That being said...
Lesson Zero for Twilight's crazyness
Read it and weep for a few shots of Screwloose
Maybe when derpy get's shocked by jumping on the cloud
Any part of Ponyville when Discord is in control
Pinkamina (though a tad cliche')
That should help you get something out. Though it depends on what you're trying to say with it.

you could always use Spike with his knapsack when he goes to find his fellow Dova.
>> No. 41575
File 134522521692.png - (163.41KB , 309x422 , Whiteknight.png )

You missed the part about "We are not your slaves" and "Don't just show up to ask for things."
>> No. 41602
File 134535392750.jpg - (68.50KB , 631x564 , twilight_sparkle_reads_the_paper-(n1313571240548).jpg )

Did I? Let me reread this guideline for the 5th time... huh, I think I might have suffered a rapid onset of short term memory loss, because every time I switch the tab back to agree with you, I seem to not remember those rules being there.

Let me just try Ctrl+F... Curses! I must have missed the update for my 'Find' function too, because it couldn't locate those parts either.

I think now would be a good time for you to write a letter about friendship, however since you seem to be preoccupied with all that shit coming out of your mouth, I decided I would help you out.

Dear Princess Celestia,
I always thought my own expectations were what everyone liked. Making sure people saw things my way seemed like the only proper thing to do. That is, until my dear friend pointed out that just because I think something is true, doesn't mean it is! More importantly, I should always read my own sources before telling someone else they're wrong, or else my argument completely falls apart. I learned that being a tool gets no one anywhere, and that being helpful is easier then being rude.
Your faithful subject Poomunch.

You're welcome Poomunch, You are welcome.

Dweem out.
>> No. 41603

I think you may as well check the things you say and try to control your own ego as well.

Yes, you are flamebaiting so you could get some attention, we already got it.
>> No. 41607
File 134537046947.jpg - (60.21KB , 640x449 , Twilight-Jail.jpg )

I wasn't to begin with, but I was in the second post. Just bored and figured I would have some fun. For, my own chuckles though (and I guess the chuckles of offline comrades), no actual hard feelings intended. Guess it did come off more mean then funny if you reported me. Wrong day I suppose.

No hard feelings?
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