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Hey there ponychan. I apologize in advance in the likely event that I screwed this up. I'm here because I'm starting my own pony-related project in the form of a fanmade game. What kind of game? Just a humble 2-D action game with an art style you'd find in an NES game or an intentionally retro release like Bit.Trip, VVVVVV, and the like.

I know better than to try and make it into a HUGE project asking for a ton of help. I've tried and failed that before. No, the theme of this game is simple: It's a sort of love letter to games I grew up with and a present to the fans who not only got me into the fandom, but who also inspired me to create something for it in my rather abundant free time. Namely, this includes the brilliant minds behind the Ponies: The Anthology series. I was inspired to start this shebang by Anthology 2's awesome introduction and credits sequences. They really resonated with me and showed me that this fandom can produce some beautiful things when its members work together for a good cause.

No, I'm not saying I'm making someone else's work into a video game. I don't know how you'd even do that with those videos. However, I've spoken with ZephyrStar on Youtube (the uploader of the Anthology videos), and he's agreed to let me use the 8-bit intro, in order to give it the game I think it deserves. Hence, that's the working title you see up there.

Anyway, you're probably thinking, "Enough talk. What about the actual GAME?" The game itself is going to play largely like a sidescroller, but with a few other segments mixed in to add to the whole anthology overtone. After all, Anthology is all about putting ponies to movies, music, and games; this project will be focusing on the 'games' part of that, and there's plenty of genres to use. The story is going to likely be a simple, perhaps cliched one of Discord making some small-scale return and his powers will be what has changed Equestria from a cartoon setting to a video game one, complete with levels based off of our favorite pixelated games of the past and present. Once this is established, the game wil start off with a level selection screen, like in Mega Man; each of the mane six will be an option, and they'll each have their own levels to play through. These levels will consist of a primary theme heavily drawing from a fitting game and some secondary themes (tentatively calling them 'minigames') drawing from others. Here's what I have in store for the cast so far:

Primary: Yoshi's Island (featuring the Cake twins, of course)
Minigames: Space Invaders (a la the intro), Mario Party, ?

Primary: Sonic the Hedgehog
Minigames: Mario Kart (Rainbow Dash on Rainbow Road is something I've wanted to see for awhile now.), ?

Primary: ? (Current candidates include the original Metal Gear and possibly a Final Fantasy-style RPG featuring Twilight as a Black Mage.)
Minigames: Minecraft (again, from the intro), ?

Primary: ? (another intro-inspired Minecraft candidate)
Minigames: ? (Bejeweled seems obvious, but perhaps not exciting enough)

Primary: ? (considering Pokemon [yet again, the intro])
Minigames: ? (Making games for nonviolent protagonists is hard.)

Primary: ? (no real idea)
Minigames: ? (really, all I can think for AJ is fighting genre, and that's tough to peg for a pony)

So, this is where I come to you, the fans: If the game is pretty much for you guys, why not ask what you would feel to be the best inclusions? I'll be doing my best to not just put the ponies in fitting game worlds, but also to fill that world with Easter eggs and references. Again, it's in keeping with the spirit of an Anthology that way.

Thank you for any feedback and interest you may have. This one's for you guys.
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I guess that was kind of long. Let me give you the tl;dr version:

I'm making a pony game, it's heavily 8-bit and 16-bit in both inspiration and content, and I'm here telling you about it because I could use some suggestions on what games from that era people would most like to see with a fresh coat of pony paint. No programming or anything labor-intensive needed;I'm just curious what the fandom considers good or bad ideas for this.
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File 134520166414.png - (419.42KB , 486x694 , 129.png )
First of all, make a thread in /g/ as well. I'm sure people have ideas here, but /collab/ isn't 100% about games and, well, /g/ is.

Let's get on to some ideas...

For Applejack, Super Mario Bros 2, picking vegetables out of the ground and throwing them and such.
Or perhaps something Harvest Moon related?

Final Fantasy-esque play sounds like a good idea for Twi! Certainly fits her character. And Metal Gear would be a good minigame.

For Fluttershy, maybe a Tamagotchi minigame? I can't help but think about Castlevania as her main game - except that she keeps running away and hiding from everything rather than whip them.

Rarity... I have no ideas. Sorry!
>> No. 41576
This place has a /g/ of its own? Didn't notice that... Maybe I'll advertise here and there. I really wanna keep my presence here minimal until I, y'know, actually have something to show. People like things more than words.

Also SMB2 for AJ is so simple and brilliant. Harvest Moon was one I considered, but I saw that ponified Harvest Moon game (Budding Friendships, I think?) and didn't want to step on any toes. Besides, I'm unfamiliar with the series and would likely make it sub-par at best.

I've considered Tamagotchi for Fluttershy, but just making that for her would probably upset people. The mythological enemies of CV could be fun... Wasn't there a Genesis Castlevania where you could play as a girl character with animal summons instead of direct fighting?

I'm gonna leave my Steam ID here if anypony wants to offer their input without bumping the thread constantly with nothing substantial added to it. Thanks for the help so far.
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File 134525010384.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , 134026866828.jpg )
I could get behind this.

The castlevania character your referring to is Maria Renard, but I have an even better idea. Pokemon! It would take a little kajiggering but have Fluttershy take on a boss in a Pokemon style battle with Angel and several other animals as her Pokemon.

As for Rarity, well your drawing from great classics so maybe Zelda, or try something like cave story, with Rarity running around the cave of the diamond dogs looking for gems.

Rainbow dash i have two ideas for. One, have her do some sonic style platforming. It could be the running of the leaves so she couldn't fly. Two, is a scrolling shooter like Gradius or space invaders.
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File 134765514316.png - (13.61KB , 640x480 , pinkie invader level.png )
Profuse apologizing time? Sounds about right.

A nice delicious triple-whammy of sicknesses has kept me from getting much done, but now that the worst of it has passed, I've been slowly getting the gears moving. An excuse plot with separate sub-plots for each mane is about 2/3rds done, and I've finally taken some tentative steps into the actual programming part of this. The result is over there on the left. More profuse apologizing for the currently incomplete Pinkie sprite and that terrible stock background.

Every sprite with effort put into it so far has been based off of those from the Anth intro, copied in HD and then meticulously recreated pixel by pixel. I'm sure I could save a good deal of time ripping Desktop sprites or something, but maintaining the art styles of both the games and the Anth intro is crucial to me.

Now that some vague semblance of progress is being made, I'd again like to request whatever help you feel like offering. Suggestions for secondary games (each of the mane 6 has a major level gimmick by now, thanks mostly to your suggestions), candidates for missing bosses, some spare bit of material that might be nice to see in a game... All contributions however big or small are appreciated.

That being said, here's hoping I'll have something else done before another month passes.
>> No. 41987
Those aren't 8-bit.
>> No. 42130
File 134836064421.png - (16.04KB , 512x448 , applejack smb2 select slide mag x2.png )

No, they aren't. But I DID say this idea was heavily 8-bit AND 16-bit in inspiration...

Still, here's something decidedly more NES in style: the beginnings of AJ's SMB2-inspired stage. I was originally going to have only AJ be playable, but then I got this idea. I don't want to overshaow poor Applejack any more than she already is, though, so I'm not sure of whether I should proceed with this or keep it exclusive to her. What do you guys think?
>> No. 42131
I say go with it! You can't have SMB2 and not have a character select, anyway.
>> No. 42181
So were any of my ideas useful to you?
>> No. 42188

Any? Pretty much all of them were, actually: Fluttershy having a Pokemon segment was an initial idea; you suggesting it helped cement it. Rarity having a Zelda section is something that I really like, but I haven't gotten anything worked on involving her yet. That's probably still a ways off. Rainbow Dash in a shump... You were actually one of like three people to suggest that. Hey, if people want it that much, then who am I to say no?
>> No. 42196
File 134874274288.jpg - (42.04KB , 550x400 , gold-miner-big.jpg )
No one suggest something for Spike
>> No. 42255
File 134922171083.png - (100.77KB , 1348x628 , dohohoho.png )

>> No. 42552
just a thought, how about a cooking mama style minigame, maybe Fluttershy making a salad for Angel
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