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Greetings, everyone or everypony.

Today, I come to present to you a project of mine.
I tried to follow a bit of the guideline by socializating with you at /chat/ but it.. just didn't work out quite well.


Please, do read the thread, I have posted some information there about the project.

And if yer a bit lazy to read:

>Sonic Adventure's Chao Garden.
>Instead of Chaos, ponies.
>+ Other features.

Here is a link to what I've got (I got more, but I haven't uploaded it yet, I don't want something incomplete-ish to represent the project...)

I currently need an artist to help me out with the backgrounds. (And/or music)

Please tell me if I did something wrong, any help is appreciated.

... (I think that's it?)
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File 134537013141.png - (198.24KB , 714x680 , Just chillin.png )
I'll be more than happy to help you with it!
I just need some more information that you're looking for
Do you have skype where I can add you or something?
>> No. 41608
Ah, Thank ye!
And aye, I got skype: darkness_mergan
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File 134537283971.png - (65.15KB , 846x945 , _req__octavia_avatar_image_by_a_t_uniltiranyu-d53beyg[1].png )
I you on /chat/ earlier, but I couldn't be bothered replying (started ponychan yesturday)

I can do some graphics (Probably not background, but something rather)

Newgrounds may have some decent music, just ask the developer (and give them credit in the release)

I most likely won't hang around in this thread so,
take my skype: avtruniltiranyu
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