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Okay I did this a couple of weeks ago and it all went well,
Basically I'm doing a documentary project on Bronies, it's completely unbiased I just want to ask questions about the whole culture. I'm not a Brony myself and the whole thing isn't that big over here in the UK.

Would anypony be willing to be interviewed on Tinychat or Skype now or later tonight?
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I'm Australian, and school is in 4 hours
Maybe later in the week
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File 134541289227.png - (109.91KB , 443x404 , pinkie tophat what is this.png )
How much anonimity?
and would the test be fair?

It could be a fun project, but it shouldn't be like "Have you seen a picture of Pinkie with tits" and the conclusion be "All bronies want to fuck horses." on that.
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File 134541300735.png - (94.19KB , 364x333 , pinkie tophat great idea.png )
Oh, you could always make a questionnaire and post it on ponychan, getting statistical results rather than one individual person.
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i wouldn't mind being asked questions. but it would have to be later on this week. feel free to email me, i don't ponychan much.
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Sorry if this is later than you wanted, but I'm a brony that's critical of the brony community to an extent. I don't mind my face being shown, but I would still like a little anonimity. Email me and I'll send you my Skype.

I'll answer questions about ANY aspect of the community for you.
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