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Sooo... I've been reading the guideline prior to posting here and nothing there states that /collab/ is for Pony-Projects only. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Let me introduce myself first.
Although I have been given another name from my parents, namely Rene, most people know and call me Dex or Dexter. I'm 24 years of age, from germany and began programming at the age of 6 on an Amiga Plus4 (awesome thing!).

For the past seven years I have been developing my own MMO, just interrupted for a year due to a long hospital stay. I'm still on it, got some media reviews as Indie dev, even appeared in Germanys biggest game dev magazine "Making Games".

The reason I'm posting here is that i want you to introduce you to my project called Sirius Online. Since the brony community took a good part in helping me recover from my depressions and stuff, you guys still play a big role in my life.

Now about the Project itself:
Sirius online is a Space Combat based MMO, much like Freelancer, but with additional focus on Economy and Exploration. PvP and PvE will play an equal role in this game.
The screenshot I added here represents the client at the start of BETA2, which (absolutely uncoincidental) happened to start today. I start with a Chapter 1 release as a fully single player game and migrate it slowly to a persistant multiplayer universe upwards to chapter 2. Many things are planned out but are subject to change if needed.
One additional thing: Sirius Online: DAWN and its following Add-ons are based on Direct X 7 and therefore don't contain the best and shiniest graphics. I tend to target more the gameplay.

I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions!

BETA2 V0.3 Download Link:
Project Homepage:

What I'd need:
- PHP Dev, doing a basic account system
- 3D Artist OR an Object-Mapper

Later on:
- Voice Artists to give NPCs a voice
- Translators

Thank you for reading this (in GlaDOS' voice)!

P.S.: I'm just recording the fourth trailer for the game, give a few minutes to upload it though, i'm using an internet dongle, can't afford much more :)
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  And as promised:
A small trailer for your aural and visual pleasure!
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I, uh.... Hm... Huh.

I guess the guidelines really don't say that! Although, yeah, /collab/'s supposed to be pony-only, but... You got me. Feel free to make a thread on other (related) boards such as /g/, though.

As for the project itself, it looks impressive! Something to be proud of, for sure.
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