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So Collab I gots this ideas here. My friends and I play a table top game called Infinity (Look it up. I can’t possibly explain everything here), and I thought I’d ponyfy it a bit. I converted the Mane Six into actual units and I will put them up as soon as I can retrieve the paper that I wrote it on. Anyway, I wanted to see what you guys think about the factions and possible units. I’m not completely sure if anything would come from it but it’s an idea.


The Alliance of Sun and Moon: While the two pony sisters once ruled as a pair they have since split Equestria into two kingdoms. The two have a strong alliance. When war broke out, the two kingdoms bolstered their forces. The Mane six, for the good of the two kingdoms, have split into two groups to cover the two fronts.

Celestia’s Equestria: Celestia has elected to keep the name Equestria. Its forces are made up of the castles guard, the wonder bolts, and three squads under command of Twilight, Fluttershy, and Applejack.

Celestia’s Dawn Guard: Though mostly used to protect Canterlot Castle, the Castle Guard, are good well rounded units, mostly suited to basic infantry, though there are more specialized squads, like Shining Armor’s Magic Defense Regiment.

Wonder bolts: Originally stunt flyers, this all Pegasus squad are Equestria’s air force. Airborne deployment and support fire are their specialty.

Twilight’s Sorcerers strike force: A squad of unicorns specifically trained by Twilight to focus on fast magical based strike operations. Referred to as the ‘Solvers’ by other groups.

Fluttershy’s Medic Core: The combat medics of Celestia’s forces. Though not combat intensive, Fluttershy’s vast medicinal knowledge allows the core to keep all units in tip-top shape.

Applejacks Rough Riders: A squad of cow-ponies. No fancy unicorn magic or Pegasus flying here. This is all hooves and raw talent. The heavy hitters of the Equestrian forces.

Luna’s Kingdom of the Full moon: The younger of the pony sisters has set out on her own. So far her kingdom is rather small, but those she governs say that she’s doing a great job. Luna’s forces specialize in night combat and stealth though they still have rounded infantry as well as specialized units lead by Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity.

Luna’s Lunar Knights: While most would think that Luna’s castle is deserted, it actually has hidden guards. These knights serve as Luna’s basic infantry. While not the stealthiest units, they have basic camo and can deal well in a fire fight.

Shadow Bolts: Apparently Luna’s offer as Nightmare Moon was still valid, so Rainbow Dash leads this force into battle. While essentially the same as their Equestrian counterparts, the shadow bolts are more about stealth and infiltration.

Pinkie Pie’s Surprise Party: While most would consider Pinkie the last pony you would consider stealthy, it turns out that her experience with surprise parties has made her quite good at it. Her unit is specialized in traps with all sorts of exploding cupcakes balloons and presents. Whether you want it or not, Pinkie’s bringing the party.

Rarity’s (Name needed): Rarity’s troops, on top of being the best dressed unit in the field, are all expert marksmen err… ponies. The troop motto is “Take the enemy out before they get to you, lest you soil your uniform”. But if they are able to get close, the troops are all trained in martial arts.

The (Tentative) Alliance of Discord and Chrysalis: This alliance is forged on the shear fact that they both want canterlot and if they are able to take it it’s conceivable the two would rip each other to pieces afterwards.

So collab this is the part I need help on. I already have an idea about Discord’s faction being made up of chimeras, and other mixed up creatures, essentially being heavy hitters but have high unit cost, but for the changelings I’m a little lost. Any ideas?
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