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File 134597158025.gif - (166.98KB , 496x4992 , pp game resources locations ponyville residential zone 1.gif )
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Are you working on a brony game and you need some graphic material?
maybe this interests you, this is not for a specific or concret game, it is only a few resources for ALL brony community, for everypony, feel free to use as you want for your brony projects, you can even make changes if you really need.

You cand find all the resources here:

If you need some pixel artist for your project maybe I can help:

[email protected]

PD:Sorry for my bad english
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>> No. 41707
File 134599973424.png - (529.87KB , 1920x1080 , platform.png )
Thanks OP. I will use it to create new map for my game ( ).
>> No. 41711

Lol you are the guy who makes the Pinkie Pie platforming game, make this new game a bit more easy XP

Also in 3 days I will finish a item pack and if you need some help or extra graphics only tell me :D
>> No. 41723

You are a good person, OP.
>> No. 41730

Thanks, my only desire is serve and make useful things for all the brony fandom because I love it.
>> No. 41738
OP: Did you do it from scratch? Or it's based on tiles from another game?
>> No. 41742

Yes, first I made some previous concept art watching the show and the blackgrounds, even the Faust original art and later I make all of this resources pixel by pixel whith my hooves XD it takes me two months of intense work (practically all of my free time) to finish, all you can see is made by myself but the pony template is inspired in ~Stridah's "My Tiny Pixel Ponies"

But as you can see the graphics of my pony template are different, I enjoying making original content made by myself not being a thief (I hate those guys)

and sorry for my bad english
>> No. 41745

The houses strongly reminded me of WonderBoy in Monster World 3, though.

Still, much better than what we are used to see. ;-)
>> No. 41757
Thanks, is not difficult to do pixel art graphics, when you start, the first works are really horrible but with practice you start doing decent resources very quickly.
>> No. 41771
File 134626373355.png - (73.35KB , 500x500 , twrd.png )
I will contact you by e-mail. We might create something cool together.
>> No. 41796

Yeah, this will be great! XD

[email protected]
>> No. 41819
File 134640549311.gif - (35.68KB , 496x2096 , pp game items.gif )
A collection of items for your games
>> No. 41953
File 134730519684.gif - (69.99KB , 496x3216 , pp game resources locations evergreen forest 1.gif )
More resources for brony games, the second location Evergreen Forest.

I hope you like it XP
>> No. 42249
File 134914265578.gif - (31.50KB , 496x2256 , pp game resources enemies for evergreen forest location.gif )
Finally I finished the enemies for Evergreen Forest, sorry for the delay
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