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I need someone who knows his/her way around VX, preferably with experience, and good communication skills.

The game is a non-profit, financed by me, fan-made story based on the MLP: Friendship Is Magic franchise. Most of the mapping is completed, in addition to the spriting. Here are some (goofy and meta) videos showing the progress and showcasing the sprites and maps. . My approach to this is as serious and professional as possible, but with a relaxed atmosphere as well.

The story is already in place, happens in the middle of season two of the show. The player party consists of original characters to avoid messing with the official development of the Mane/main six protagonists. I am the producer/director/writer. I have a team of art designer, assistant mapper, musician and programmer.

I need someone who can help me design puzzles, spells, effects, stats; in general, work the numbers inside VX and make the game balanced and challenging enough. If you have a game or two under your belt, the better. Good communication skills and profesionalism are important. This is a non-commercial project, but I will pay you for anything that gets used in the game, depending on how we work an agreement. No time wasters. Deadline is one year from now.

Reach me at [email protected] for all inquiries, as I check that one daily. I'm located in the USA, can and will pay you through Paypal.

Here's the pitch:

Adventure Of The Lunarbolts is thought as an interactive storytelling means to give Luna a way to earn her redemption in the eyes of all Equestria, and bring the player into their world as they direct the actions of the Night Princess, and the playable characters in the plot, in more ways than just an expectator would.

The story begins one day like any other in Equestria, when reports start to come in about ponies falling unconscious all over the land, and not waking up, no matter what. Some of them are victims of horrible nightmares and fever. This gets reported to Celestia in the middle of an ordinary audience.

Luna comments this is no ordinary illness, as she sensed an evil wave passing across Equestria right before the illness spread. Celestia immediately decrees to have all ponies remain inside cities and populations, since the illness transmits easier for some reason in the wild. Luna offers to grant a bit of her Moon Magic to four ponies that can go investigate, as it will protect them against the illness, and give them the strength to fight off whatever may oppose them. Celestia calls for four volunteers since the Royal Guard is going to be busy keeping everything in order around Equestria.

A rookie royal guard without commission, a medicine student pegasus, a young but skilled explorer earth pony, and a unicorn with chaos-oriented magic volunteer, and are thus given a part of Luna's Moon Magic. It will both protect and strengthen them, in addition to growing stronger itself through their experiences. Their mission is to investigate and root out the evil that has befallen Equestria, in addition to taking to each population around Equestria a spell crafted by Celestia herself that will keep the cities protected against anything coming from this dark wave. Celestia remains casting that same protection barrier spell around Canterlot and Ponyville, while Luna works to break the affected ponies out of the potentially-lethal Nightmare Illness, since dreams are part of the night domain. Important characters will be affected by this illness, and in order to free them, Luna must dive into their minds and defeat their fears and nightmares, making her playable in addition to four of the Mane Six and the playable party.

The party will travel from Ponyville and Canterlot to our vision of Fillydelphia, Cloudsdale, the ocean-side town of Palomino Port, the old castle in the Everfree forest, the snowy town of Coltburg, Appleloosa, Whitetail Wood, the tropical paradise of Quarter Island and an undisclosed location which will be a blast from the past, in addition to mandatory dungeons and mazes in caves, mines, deserts, forests, mountains and ruins. Originally thought to be a simple investigation, our team of four volunteers will see their job make them take on the role of heroes and use the powers gained through the Moon Magic when the epidemic becomes a crisis, courtesy of an ancient evil twisted enough to make Nightmare Moon herself turn away in horror.

Both original and cover music has been planned for the game, paying homage to the ages of classic gaming as well. The story is meant to be both lighthearted and influential to the series' universe. Over 250 different pony sprites are included in the game as of this note, most of them already-existing characters seen in the series.

A strategic battle system and a growth pattern are planned for the game as well.

Again, those interested in applying (and getting paid), email [email protected]
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While I'm no programmer, I am a very experienced JRPG player I know and would love to be part of a QA team if you were considering having such a thing!

I can provide all sorts of feedback if needed ^_^!
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Ha, grammar. Sorry, what I meant to say was that I don't know anypony whose played more JRPGs than I have x_x!
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