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Hey /collab/. I spent much of yesterday looking for new musicians for the MLP music archive. I realized how difficult it is to find new MLP music. Well, I can’t just let a problem like that stand!

My solution, set up a central location of artists new and old to post new songs and advertise their work. This central hub would keep a list of known artists. Anypony who finds a new artist would send them there and have their name added to the registry. New songs (2 weeks or less) would be listed at the top of the document, giving exposure to new songs by all artists. Also included in the doc would be links to anything interesting to the entire musician community. Things like tips on getting posted on EQD, links to program tutorials, etc.

Now, I understand that artists already have a bunch to do, and I don’t want to add to that load without good reason. So, a quick Pro/Con to establish why this is worth supporting.

Pro: Fans of MLP music will have a central location for new music! This would also help EQD and MLPmusicarchive keep track of new tracks.
Pro: this gives new artists a supporting community and instant publicity for their work.
Pro: it gives fans an easy method of finding more songs by an artist or a specific genre of music.
Pro: the chat will provide opportunities for friendships, collaborations, and new ideas!

Con: Google docs is not the best method of running this type of site.
Rebuttal: At least for the start, I don’t see a problem with it. However, I concede that this page may not work for the long term. Assuming it gathers some popularity, other options may be considered (using the page as proof of concept).
Con: It is one more place that musician’s need to post about their new work.
Rebuttal: Updating the New song list isn’t mandatory, and the artist’s listing only needs to be set up once. After that initial task, no more attention is required.
Con: This provides a great method for Hasbro to track us all down if they want to file copyright or shut down Youtube channels.
Rebuttal: do we really distrust Hasbro that much?!
Con: This gives trolls a central list for furthering their annoyance.
Rebuttal: If, somehow, the number of trolls gaining information outweighs the number of bronies, then we are doing it WRONG. seriously, where in the brony community has anti-brony attention to a work outweighed positive brony feedback?

I'd like some feedback on whether you think this would work. What should be included, what not. Is it worth attempting? Are the alternatives good enough? Is there something better already?

TL/DR: I'm trying to set up a single page for all MLP musicians to post when they put out new songs. There are a bunch of other ideas attached , but that is the heart of it.
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Not to be deterred by the lack of response, here is the link to the gdoc. progress is slow, but I am inviting each artist individually as I update their work. If you want to help, just jump in and give your name. I'll add you to the editor's list within 24 hours. if you like the idea, pass the link on to friends, post it to artists, and lets get some collaboration going!
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Are you changing the format? GDoc says you've put the file in the trash :/

I'd be interested in cross-linking your doc with one I've worked on for a while. The Royal Pony Genre Archive is a GDoc that tries to list one song for each genre of pony fan music - we're at about 145 mostly-genres so far.

Anyway, I'd be interested in linking to your page if you link to ours... Unfortunately, I don't know a ton of new brony artists, though I may toss up a couple that I know from local groups from time to time.

The Genre Archive GDoc is here:

Post a comment near the top if you'd like to cross-link.
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