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Hello everyone. I'm Ganondox, best known within the fandom for being the author of the Fanfic Learn to Fly (Derpy's Tale). I'm a HS student currently living in Indonesia, and a self-taught flash game developer. Anyway, I'm currently working on a game with Legend of Zelda like game play, and I'm looking for some help with it, especially with graphics.

Anyway, here is my first tech demo showing the objects I've created so far. I created this in one from scratch day, each object has a class file that will be updated as the game grows (and will need to be modified to incorporate animated graphics, but that won't be too hard).

My current plan is this: 1. Design a draft for the first dungeon. 2. Create all the needed objects with place-holder graphics. (1 and 2 are somewhat interchangeable, but I need to know some of the objects I'm going to be using in the design so I can create them. I'm working on 2 now.) 3. Assemble the playable draft for the first dungeon and release it. 4. Revise dungeon, maybe update the graphics. 5. Repeat process for dungeons 2 & 3 (I plan on having 8 total). 6. If I haven't done so yet, add graphics. 7. Design the rest of the game up to the first three dungeons. 8. Create and release a demo up to the end of the third dungeon. 9. Continue until the game is complete. 10. Add additional updates to the game post release, maybe.

For people who want to help with graphics, my current idea is having SNES/Link to the Past style sprites, but if you are the artist you really decide how they look.

To demonstrate my skills, here are some other things I've done in the past. All of these I've made before moving into class based programming, which I've since moved to as it's more efficient, especially for an adventure game with lots of reused objects in different frames. This is the first game I made. I think I made it all in one day.

Here is a project I was working about a year ago, I had to stop working on it because I lost Flash, but I now have it again and I'm putting this off for pony. Each boss took a few hours to make (codewise, I created the animation ahead of time) and I coded the entire game from scratch. This is a game I made for Ludum Dare in only 6 hours due to not being able to start the contest until 6 hours before the deadline.

If you want to work on the project, send an email to roboiguana "at" gmail, or send me a note on DeviantArt. . Thank you.
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Oh come on, I'm sure no one is going to look at this because I have no graphics and I have no graphics because I'm looking for someone to make graphics!
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I think noone is going to look at this because you came out from nowhere saying "Lol I'm famous so work for me, k'?"

All what you have here is a mounstrous ego, a wall of text, tons of hype and some ridiculous "graphics" done in Power Point or MSPaint. On top of that you have no patience and think that if you play the old victim routine someone is going to feel pity and work for you.

Make something worth of someone's time and attention and then try again. After all, you are trying to fish for people with abilities that you don't have, so you are in the bottom of the barrel here.

>> No. 41857

And you are an asshole. I didn't say I'm famous, I'm was just introducing myself as I'm supposed. I'm not trying to portray myself as having a monster ego, I'm just trying to present myself as sellable, it's what you do for resumes, you make yourself look good as possible without lying. The "graphics" are ridiculous as they are just placeholders made in Flash while I was testing code I wrote. Sorry for making the comment, I'm not used to Ponychan, and I did lack patience. I'll come again once I have the first dungeon finished with place holder graphics.
>> No. 41858
Maybe I can help you I'm not bad doing pixel art graphics
and making dungeons and interiors is the best thing for me
look some of my works:

[email protected]
>> No. 41859
>>And you are an asshole.

Congratulations. You just alienated yourself from this community for good.

Also, in this community the word "help" mean "Hey, how can I do this."
It does not mean "This is what I want. Do it... now"

>> No. 41863

Ok, I'll check you out. Thanks you reading this. :)

This is the problem with chans, people like you just hide behind an anonymous lable and use it as an excuse to be an asshole.

If I'm trying to do a collab project the idea would be that multiple people would be working on it and receive credit. Most game dev teams have separate people doing the programming and graphics. I'm knew to Ponychan, how the hell am I supposed to know how this part of the community works?
>> No. 41864

No need to get angry or insulting, things can speak with better words, be more friendly and respectful to others, the community is based on love and tolerance.
>> No. 41865

I know, we (anon and I) are both at fault here. Thank you for volunteering here even though I'm an impatient noob who doesn't really know how this board works.
>> No. 41866

I forgot mention one thing. If anyone wants to use any of classes or anything just email me and I'll send it to you, I want all my work to be open to use. As a warning they aren't very good right now as they aren't finished.
>> No. 41870
Just ignore the anon. Its probably the same one who harassed my topic months ago. Coincidentally, my game is almost identical to yours. He just goes around /Collab/ shooting down anyone he doesn't think is making the next Call of Duty. At least you can actually code and since you already have some progress your not breaking any rules. Who cares if your looking for help? Not everyone is a AAA game designer with museum class art skills and a thousand record deals. You do what you do and find others willing to fill in the holes. You can't expect a perfect game from one person without it taking several years.
>> No. 41871
>>Not everyone is a AAA game designer with museum class art skills and a thousand record deals.

Your soapbox rant was tolerable until you began using this hyperbole and strawmen arguments here.

While I agree that not everyone can be blessed with artistic talent, I must also agree that a game project where the OP claims to have a very ambitious project that entirely depends of other people's good will, is -always-a berserker button around here.On top of that, he kept using the word "placeholder graphics" that is also another nasty berserker button around here.


And then we have OP's little bitching here, where he coudn't even wait five hours before becoming impatient and attempting to guilt trip the community so they would work for him.

Supersaiyanmikito, before you try to play Internet Whiteknight and say "Just ignore the anon" I must ask you to remember your own horrible behavior on that project thread you talked about and how strongly you opposed to the suggestions and critiques you received there.
Not only you kept using parasprite logic to ignore the critiques, but you always used a condescending tone against others and the only piece of advice you ended up using was adding shadows under your characters, and even THIS was an uphill battle against your stubborness.

So yeah, while is cool that you offer moral support to others, is not cool to see you using this thread as an excuse to rant about your own problems and criticrizing Anon for something you are guilty of as well.
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