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As being away for a while for having no PC.
I am again going to host auditions for OCAA.

The people open now is:

Sweetie Belle
Pinkie Pie
Mr. Cake

We are also looking for a sound designer and a background music designer.
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>> No. 41862
Before I forget, submit your auditions at [email protected]
>> No. 41882

You haven't explained who you are, how to contact you, what these auditions are for, how to audition, what the audition process is, what the workload is, or even what the finished product is in the first place.

I'm as starved for work as all the other voice actors here, but I have standards.

Grade: D-
>> No. 41890
Define sound designer
>> No. 42205
I guess you haven't seen the On A Cross and Arrow Series at youtube then.

I've conducted the Audition in the very same manner.

The person who adds in sound according to what is listed on the script.
>> No. 42208
Oh ok, just asking because it gets interpreted differently by various people. I can do that if you still need one.
>> No. 42210

That didn't answer a single one of my questions.
>> No. 42218
Mind if I get a bit of an overall summary of the project? I have a slight idea what you're getting at, but clear definition would go miles.
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