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No. 42030
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Well, hello there, everypony!

I may introduce myself, I'm Night Breeze, and I'd like to share with you my most recent project: a Rhythm Heaven-like pony game.

Inspired mainly by MysteryBen27's "Rhythm is Magic" videos (which I'm pretty sure most of you know, but just in case, this is his latest video: ), and the Rhythm Heaven games themselves, I decided to start this project.

It will take some time, as I'll work in this only in my free time- but I'll post a new video with almost every new version I release, and you'll be able to download them. I'll also keep this post updated if it manages to catch some attention :)

Anyway, in the video embed ( ), I show you the basics of the game system in the first release (v0.1a), and what I call the "level 0". The game is right now in its most early version, and everything seen there is subject to change. In fact, I already released a new version (0.16a, which you can download from the video description in youtube), but this video still works as a demostration.

Feel free to comment, suggest and share any opinions you have!
I hope you like it, guys, and thanks for your time!
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If you're ever in need of a QA person, I'd be happy to help out in any way I can.

Rhythm games and JRPGs are my specialty, so I'd love to help if you'd like!
>> No. 42037
Okie dokie, I'll keep it in mind, pal!
>> No. 42040

New version is out (v0.21a). "Level 0" is now fully playable and finished. Links in video description!
>> No. 42044
I loooOOOooovvee rhythm games! So Im very exited now! If you want help I'll help! I can vectoring (sorry if this sentence don't make sense, my english not the best O.o ) So if you want my help call me maybe (and all the other boooys, try to chaaaaseee meeee.... (this is one of annoying stuck-in-head song))
>> No. 42046
Thanks mate! I'll keep it in mind! Right now I don't need any vectoring though, but thanks for the offer, and also for the support!
>> No. 42047
I think you have to sign some way for faster beats, it's a little confusing (you know, like the see-saw in rhythm heaven fever)
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File 134791862206.png - (387.66KB , 566x547 , lookinup.png )
I think this game has a lot of potential! Be sure to keep us updated.
>> No. 42049
I think that having the numbers appearing up there is enough (if that's what you meant)-
Also, the game is still missing the tutorial, of course.

Thanks, pal! I surely will.
>> No. 42050
File 134791957671.png - (167.96KB , 640x480 , 021a.png )
Here's a little screen of v0.21a
>> No. 42052
I keep the rhythm and suddenly
Rainbow Dash confusing me T_T
>> No. 42053
I'm 42047 and yeah, I forgot if there a tutorial before the real thing, this thing don't surprise you.
>> No. 42055
File 134792149833.png - (166.93KB , 640x480 , yeaaah.png )
I love it :3
>> No. 42057
File 134792320323.png - (758.17KB , 1280x718 , Filly_Rarity_surprised_S1E23.png )
>> No. 42059
File 134793990557.png - (63.08KB , 641x480 , tutorialscreen.png )
New version is out, everypony!
(added a tutorial)

>> No. 42074
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Created a blog for the project!

Also, new video is out, showing v0.25a features.
>> No. 42101
File 134812524838.png - (309.21KB , 640x479 , screen mlr menu028.png )
v0.28a is out! Check out the blog for more info and download links.
>> No. 42105
Why the program always stole my cursor? I want back my cursor! Also its great and everything. You need ideas, or you plan everything already?
>> No. 42115

Thanks for your support, friend!

Actually, it's always good to hear some ideas and suggestions, so if you have any, go ahead and I shall keep them in mind :)
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