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No. 42110
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Hello everyone! First off I want to apologize if making a thread like this is against the rules; I read through the rules but I'm not sure if this counts as "advertising" since I'd like to help people out here.

I am interested in voice acting and singing for pony flash animations, games, and music. I mainly prefer to voice background ponies, as I like being able to have creativity in being able to come up with a voice, but I don't mind trying for the mane6 if that's what you need for your project.

I've attached a YouTube sample of me trying practically everyone from the show. The ponies I'd like to voice most, however, are Vinyl Scratch, Colgate, Lyra, Diamond Tiara, Trixie, Luna, and Pinkie Pie.

My e-mail: [email protected]

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you consider me!
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>> No. 42112
Youtube embed play button

...And my YouTube embed didn't work for some reason - let's see if this works?
>> No. 42114
Holy crap Rina-chan posts here?

I know you voice a lot of the cast already, but that was the first time I've heard you as Celestia... I wasn't expecting you to nail THAT voice, but you did.
>> No. 42122
Get Out
>> No. 42123
And look at other places too, sorry, accidentally clicked reply
>> No. 42175
that sounded rude for a moment.
>> No. 42176

No, I'm pretty sure that's what he meant...
>> No. 42179
both words started with capitals, >>42122 but the anon then failed to use a capital other than the beginning of his sentence here >>42123. The reply button is nowhere near anything you would normally want to click, its tab index is also before the message field so it would have been impossible for an accidental "tab-enter".
I call, no mistake.
>> No. 42183

Think there might be a reason for that?
>> No. 42184

Naw, just kidding. I'd actually love to hear you voice more pony stuff.

I can't believe how much better you've gotten in the past 8 years.
>> No. 42186
No I meant it very seriously, get out
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