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File 134843641736.png - (147.62KB , 1000x1063 , 134756559814.png )
42139 No. 42139
Hey there guys!! So I decided to set up a thread for a plan to send Ebon Topez (AKA Rick) a little special something from the community to help him on his road to recovery.
For those of you who don't know Ebon was given a ticking clock on his life due to complications with his stomach. The clock was to end in about 3 years time if something didn't happen, so he made the decision to proceed with a risky operation to completely remove his stomach. Thus leaving him bed ridden in the hospital for an undetermined amount of time
*Full story here: *

So I thought that in combination with the efforts of the community that we could do something nice for him. So with the go ahead from his girlfriend, I will be collecting a collection of pictures, art, messages, get well wishes and anything else you can transmit in a picture form, putting them all onto a flash drive (Depending on the time I may compile them into a slide show for him) and sending the flash drive to his girlfriend to deliver directly to ebon.

How to get in on this!
If you're interested in having something included in the project feel free to send your submission, along with your posting name or quirk (So he can recognize who's sending it) to the following email address:
[email protected]

There is no set time frame as of yet when submissions will be cut off, I'll play it by ear when things start to slow down (Don't worry I'll give plenty of notice when I'm planning on the cut off date). Let's show Ebon just how AWESOME of a community and how great of friends we can be!!

Disclaimer: My only requirement is that try to keep pictures to relatively low-medium resolutions, as the flash drive won't be enormous and I'm expecting quite a few submissions ahah!!
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>> No. 42140
Sorry about the last thread guys, had to make some edits for accurate information :P
>> No. 42141
File 134843671965.png - (107.59KB , 833x959 , thinking.png )
I'd be happy to take part in this, as I did last time.

Question though, how big is this flash drive?
>> No. 42142
File 134843678478.jpg - (34.91KB , 640x480 , 3ca573f9.jpg )
no worries bacon!
>> No. 42143
File 134843682044.png - (140.62KB , 400x400 , 134014747432.png )
Nah, I don't really feel like contributing.

No just kidding of course I do <3
>> No. 42145
Well I can get a good price on a 4gig one, but I'll be making the main decision once all the submissions are collected. So I can determine just how big I'm going to need.
>> No. 42146
Thanks for your support you two!! I can't wait to hear about his reaction to this! heheh!!
>> No. 42147
File 134843726778.png - (114.01KB , 500x750 , 72783 - heart heart_pony rarity vector.png )

Do you have a rough timetable on how we're doing this? I had an idea of my own as well and would like to try and get it in around the same time.
>> No. 42149
File 134843725930.png - (106.04KB , 712x1123 , trotting - 1.png )

Because I plan to make an image and a video for him, like the last time, one or the other, or both.

But yeah, we'll see where it goes.
>> No. 42150
Probably keep submissions open for a week or so, maybe longer if I need to. There's no set deadline as of right now, but if you need a little extra time, just send something to the collab email and we'll work something out!
>> No. 42151
Ok, if I find that space is at a premium I may ask you to upload it to youtube and I can include a link or embed it into the slide show if I go that route, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!
>> No. 42152
File 134843803124.png - (160.84KB , 813x982 , happy - 25.png )
That I can do as well, and also I will provide a download link.
>> No. 42153
Well, i should probably be off for tonight. It's getting late.

I'll be keeping an eye on this project as it goes on. Thank you so much for doing this for him! I'm sure that he's going to love it.
>> No. 42154
No problem at all Miranda! I've been planning something like this since he talked about going into the hospital hehe...

Best to you and Rick!!
>> No. 42155
File 134845158930.png - (80.96KB , 300x300 , 133954224893.png )
Could it be possible to send small (around 30-50kb) .exe programs over email or something if I come up with any good idea for that?
>> No. 42156
File 134845424842.png - (165.41KB , 429x457 , twilight happy6.png )
This is awesome. I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 42159
Huh...I didn't take that into consideration, well...If you want to do that, then also include something picture-esque (Even a screen shot of a typed message wishing well), just so I can add it to the main project.
>> No. 42161
Well, can I put my wishes in the program? It's going to be most likely text based program anyways.
>> No. 42163
well, the only reason I'm asking is because I'm more then likely going to be making all the pictures and well wishes into a slideshow with a folder that just has all the pictures in it.
>> No. 42165
Alright, I'll make a pic too.
>> No. 42212
File 134891235630.png - (78.44KB , 800x595 , 47.png )
>> No. 42229
Thanks japper!!

If you guys don't mind can some of you pimp this around the thread for those that haven't seen it?
>> No. 42238
Will do!
>> No. 42245
File 134912359265.png - (55.45KB , 751x512 , Ebon Get Well Soon.png )
I am so getting in on this!
I saw the thread when he first posted it, (not sure if I replied or not)
Sending you a pic now. Look for this in you gmail
>> No. 42430
File 135016661590.png - (138.65KB , 1375x1778 , Ebon_Topaz_VectorOther03.png )
I've just recieved the gift, and I've just discovered this thread.

Everypony... Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you've made something like this for me. Thank you!
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