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I'm trying to create a humanised visual novel.
The basic gist of it is you watch and influence the story of Anon, a mediocre university dropout who is summoned by a humanised Twilight Sparkle into Equestria via forbidden magic.
Anon must adjust to his new life in this strange world, make friends, and survive.
I have a significant script written in shorthand (~16k word count), but I have just taken up the task of converting the usable parts into proper English and entering them into the renpy engine.
Basically I have no knowledge in game development or visual art, but I'm entirely committed to having a short demo (The first three chapters before choosing a route) completed before 2013.
Am I asking for help too soon? Are my plans unrealistic?
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>Basically I have no knowledge in game development or visual art

Read the sticky thread on top of this board, please.
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