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I'm looking for an artist who's willing to take on a big undertaking for a fan project. And a VA for the captain Hammer Character (possibly more.)
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Please read the sticky.
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Wait, wait, wait. This is a Dr. Horrible x MLP project? It's sounds good
>> No. 42189
Alright, I have a script created for a cross over with MLP and Dr. Horrible. I need help with VAs and Artists who can do the things I can't. I want to build a team to help with this. I have a sound guy for mixing, but I'm not an artist. So anypony who would be willing to lend a hand, please contact me or post in the thread.
>> No. 42192

I would be happy to offer my services as a singer/voice actor. If you're completely serious about this and understand that this is very ambitious and will take months, add me on skype. My name is Shimansa.
>> No. 42256
I too would be happy to offer singing / VA if need be :3 - if you would like to talk at some point, add me on skype - kyradarkblood
>> No. 42269
I want to help! I don't know how I can be of use, but I want to. I can write, I'm good at rewriting songs, I can also try out acting and singing. I can send you an audition, if you like.
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