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Hey all,


As anyone familiar with Fighting Is Magic probably knows, there's nothing like a real "training mode" for it. So, a while ago I created something like that for the leaked evo2012 build. It's not the most polished thing right now, but it seems pretty useful for finding links and trying out combos, and seeing what results in what damange/meter/etc.

Feedback is welcomed, particularly because I don't really know much about traditional 2d fighting games, so I'm not even sure what features would be desirable.

I also just thought people might find it useful. Both for trying out stuff in game, and since the source is available, it can be helpful for anyone that wants to work on other FiM modifications or netcode and stuff like that.

Oh, and I'm not involved with mane6 or anything, but I figured they seem pretty okay with people playing the leak, so...
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To the reporter: this thread is fine, since it doesn't actually link to the leaked build. Discussion of the build is fine, so this thread is fine also.

Carry on, OP.
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File 134945082401.jpg - (28.97KB , 1000x638 , 133850070688111.jpg )
Not really speaking on behalf of Mane6 but it sounds like a really cool tool!

imo the best way to approach this is to have you included in the team or something. There could be some sort of room for compromise using this which would help improve the overall game.
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Almost forgot to mention, I believe Vanguard Princess (another F2MK game) has training mode.

>How do I enter practice mode?
While in VS mode, select your character and your training dummy. After the match starts, press the F button for player 2, then the F button for player 1. The life bars and super meters will regenerate automatically. Player 1 can hit F during practice mode to instantly fill the assist meter and restore all of Luna's bullets, if chosen. Hitting player 2's F button will exit practice mode.

Just saying
>> No. 42266

Hey thanks! Good to hear at least some kinda feedback :)

I'm not sure what you mean by "compromise", there? Do you mean, like, integrating some similar functionality into FiM itself?

I'm not sure how much mane6 can really do in this area from the perspective of being a fm2k-using application; I thought fm2k is kinda restricted to you providing character data and moves etc (but I don't know much about it).

CTU is written like LunaPort and MTSP are, modifying the running code for FM2K itself. Dealing with x86 machine code and breakpoints and such... at least, I hope they don't have to deal with that just to make a fighting game :)
>> No. 42268

At least from what you've just written there, it sounds like the "training mode" is just health/meter regeneration. While that is helpful, what I've tried to do goes beyond that.

And yeah, FiM has that, too, sorta, with the buttons to refill health and super meter (but not magic, notably).
>> No. 42275
Compromise meaning greater stuff if you worked side-by-side with them.

First instance would be a matching GUI provided with your application (aka Anu's magic hands).

Second, they would probably help you overcome the lag in Rainbow Dashes stage by probably reducing the resources (prolly not) but at most, if I was them, I would dedicate making a specific training stage for the application similar to Rarity's stage

Not sure if I worded those out properly but hope I got the point across :)
>> No. 42278
Great job btw on the project itself.
I'm assuming you can't integrate those stats at the side in the main screen itself?

I haven't tried it myself tbh since I swore not to play the leak but you have my full support
>> No. 42298

It's sorta possible to have it on the main screen, but it's weird. Originally I had a stats window that was on top of the FiM window, but had no borders/title/etc and was mostly transparent. It's harder to make the text still be visible and look good that way, though, so I just switched to a normal window. And it's even more confusing that way if you move/resize the FiM window, since you have this stats window that doesn't look like a window.

There may be a better way to do that, but I just hadn't looked into it further.

But yeah, what you're saying may be helpful; I can at least try to throw it their way and see what they have to say.
>> No. 42303
I might be able to try your program out next week after my finals. I'll trick it to using Pokemon Type Wild or something. btw emailed ya
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