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File 134960078553.png - (18.82KB , 640x480 , screenshot126.png )
42282 No. 42282
Hey there everypony! I'm new here, surprisingly only just recently discovered Ponychan, though you'll probably be seeing a lot more of me now. ^_^

I'm currently in the production of a Rainbow Dash fangame, a fangame which hopes to mesh together platform elements with speed in a way that is similar yet very different to Sonic.

I've been working on getting the gameplay and engine solid for a while and I think I've reached the point where I can start working on the actual game.

The story is fairly simple, the Cutiemark Crusaders discover a book in Twilight's library about a Princess who could grant anypony their cutiemark and ask Rainbow Dash to help them find the Princess' castle. Rainbow Dash decides that a long adventure like that would probably be too dangerous for the little fillies and that they would probably just slow her down so she grabs the map that was inside the book and dashes off to search for it herself. On arriving at the castle, Rainbow Dash accidentally releases Nightmare Revenant, the twisted evil form of Princess Reverie who was sealed away in an alternate dimension of madness for over a thousand years.
The Mane6 confront Nightmare Revenant but are defeated, all but Rainbow Dash's cutiemarks absorbed and the Elements of Harmony cast off across Equestria... So Rainbow Dash sets off to reclaim the Elements to put a stop to Nightmare Revenant before she corrupts all of Equestria.

The GDD can be read here:

My DeviantArt account:

Introduction Narrative by Rina-Chan:

If you'd like to see this game go far and help me then just send me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment or note on my DeviantArt. :D
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>> No. 42284
File 134961070008.png - (13.94KB , 640x480 , screenshot125.png )
The Test Level:
The Bonus Stage:

Let me know what y'all think. Always open to suggestions and critique. :)
>> No. 42286

>Desktop Ponies animations.

Well, that's your first problem.

>Not a single line of credit for the real creators of the animations you are using.

Well, that's your second problem.
>> No. 42287
So a game where Rainbow fly a little clumsy, but run very fast and doing rainboom that way. This should be an AJ game with roflcopter
>> No. 42288

sure beats a game where she can't fly at all. this looks interesting, keep it up!
>> No. 42289
If the Desktop Ponies website wasn't down I'd have them, I have them credited to the Desktop Ponies team, at the moment its the best I could do. If anyone has the names of the respected animators please let me know.

Thank you. Was scared I'd get nothing but parasprite attacks, but so far the posts are constructive. :)
>> No. 42290

Thier Deviantart group can be found here:

>Was scared I'd get nothing but parasprite attacks

Well, that's another problem. Get rid of that martyr atitude if you don't want to attract the real parasprites.
>> No. 42291
I'm still unsure, but from what I've gathered the Rainbow Dash sprites were created by Monkeyjay? Is that right?
Thanks so much for helping. :)

>Well, that's another problem. Get rid of that martyr atitude if you don't want to attract the real parasprites.

Sorry. >_<
>> No. 42294
Yes it was monkeyjay who made the Rainbowdash sprites. I can see you are working hard on this game. Good luck, it seems beter than a lot of the other desktop ponies junk ive seen.
>> No. 42301

Thanks! Will make sure that credit is given where it is due. And thank you to Monkey Jay for making the awesome sprites!

I have been working hard on this game, a team would be a gift from Celestia for me. Just spent around 2 hours making a Desktop Ponies style show accurate cloud going poof. >_<
It's not that I don't like doing it all, it's just that with only be working on it the actual game will take so long. Again, if there is anyone willing to help me make this game as amazing as I'm sure it can be then just drop me an email. :)
>> No. 42308
Just a little update showing my attempt at mixing up some background music to go with Rina-Chan's lovely reading of the opening for the game.
>> No. 43229
Youtube embed play button
  Hey there all! A little vid to show how the game's engine is progressing.

Also, we are still looking for a tileset artist, so if you're interested just give a hollar down at the Deviant Art group:
My personal deviant art page:
Or reply here. ^_^
>> No. 43244
A look at some of the concepts for the first "World" or "Area" can be found here if anyone is interested, Tis spoiler heavy regarding the game however, you have been warned. :P
>> No. 43247
Looks good, but it kinda seems like RD's upward movement in water is very slow compared to going up and down, can she not charge upwards?
>> No. 43249
In the water the slow upward climb is purposeful, to simulate the pressure or such, however we are trying to integrate an upwards dash without being too OP. Maybe a fast and powerful launch from the ground or just a regular dash but upwards?
>> No. 43261
Water pressure is not that strong until you get ridiculously deep (where it'd crush your bones instead). In fact, it's far easier to go upwards in water than down (due to the body's natural buoyancy. After all, our lungs are full of air). Being a pony with a larger surface area (and bigger lungs) would increase that even more. If anything, diving would be harder than swimming upwards.
>> No. 43273
Slightly modified. Jumping under water takes you higher than when you are out of water, though for gameplay reasons and Coconut Effect, "it just works better if you sink".

Though note:
The video was also made with the intention of showing off the swimming sprites, unfortunately the plain vertical sprite hadn't been made so movement while swimming up appeared slower since Rainbow Dash was moving sideways as well. The "jump" height underwater was identical to out of water.

Other change made is increasing the brightness of the oxygen bar so it's more visible.
>> No. 43305
Youtube embed play button
  Another little test, this time of a level port from Sonic 3&K. No Knuckles. Might decide to add him as a test boss but there isn't really a point. :I
>> No. 43314
It seemed a bit short (of course, that could always be rectified later), but that transport pipe seemed to take too much time for it to work. Flashy, yes, but a bit annoying to wait that long.
>> No. 43318
Youtube embed play button
This is just a remake of a Sonic the Hedgehog level, however it doesn't have the Knuckles boss battle and the cutscene to make it drag out. This won't be included in the game, it was something I made to keep the boredom at bay whilst we wait for tilesets. :)
>> No. 43336
Youtube embed play button
  DasDeer has released his first piece for the game, the theme for Ponyville!

Ponyville is a fairly basic stage, especially on the first encounter. The first time you play in Ponyville is purely to allow the player to get used to how the game works, there are no enemies and the level is fairly short. Buildings will be used as platforms, as well as the balconies attached to them. Crates will be around the level which can be used as platforms, pushed around and smashed to release Power Gems and apples hidden within. In the second visit, after defeating the Madness Earth Pony General at Dream Castle, the ponies of Ponyville have been transformed into Madness Ponies and strange magical enemies are on the loose including the Orange Bird and The Orange Frog.
>> No. 43343
Sounds nice so far. I'll be keeping my tabs on this. Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hearth's Warming to you.
>> No. 43365
Youtube embed play button
Thank you, and a happy Hearth's Warming to you too! ^_^

New video, a look at the official level graphics/ tilesets for Revenants of Chaos (That's the real name for Project Dash by the way) by Punkypie. Enjoy! ^_^
>> No. 43377
Youtube embed play button
  DasDeer has finished another of the tracks for the game, this time it is the one for the Unicorn Range.
>> No. 43444
Looks good so far, keep it up!

Are you considering a way to make Rainbow Dash fly upward more quickly? Personally, I'm thinking a move that consumes a little dash power and gives her a burst of speed upward. Visually, she could be spiraling upwards, though I don't know if there's a Desktop Ponies animation for that.

To be honest, I don't really like how the oxygen bar replaces the bottom half of the dash gauge; it makes it harder to see either of them at a glance. What if you switch the time display and the dash gauge around, so that the dash gauge is underneath? Then when Rainbow Dash goes underwater, the dash gauge can extend downward to accomodate an oxygen bar. Or make a separate oxygen gauge underneath the dash gauge that only becomes visible when she's underwater.

How do the underwater controls work? It looks like there's only one speed for swimming upward, when two would probably be better: [Jump] for swimming upward slowly (useful for narrow spiked corridors like the ones in the video, if you're planning to have those), and [Up]+[Jump] for swimming upward quickly.

Also, is that a Cave Story sound effect I hear?
>> No. 43447
As soon as we finish the sprites, we will be adding a lot more maneuverability to Rainbow Dash in the air including an upwards dash and using her wings to slow down faster in mid air. The same goes for swimming, in order to avoid doing actions which we don't have the sprites for yet, we just didn't display them. We've got a talented team of spriters workig their hooves off so be sure to watch this spot for future updates! ^_^

Okie dokes, I'll discuss it with the group and see what we can come up with, I was trying to avoid cluttering the screen with a number of bars though I'm sure there's a way we can make it fit and look good if we try.

A Cave Story sound? Lies! >_>
Roflmao! Yes it is, just a place holder though. :3
>> No. 43459
File 135732736258.png - (28.01KB , 640x480 , screenshot103.png )
New concept for the Air Gauge...
The little bar with the bubble under the time. :3
>> No. 43461
Youtube embed play button
Nice, I like it. I think it looks more intuitive than before.

Also, obligatory Sonic drowning music.
>> No. 43501
File 135757951336.png - (22.26KB , 640x480 , screenshot105.png )
I've finally worked in a nice looking time trial system, rather than a ghost per se, you'll race against tank who will mimic your best time's movements. Did you really think RD would settle for him being slow? Nope! She got the best Unicorn scientists to make him fast enough to keep up with her. XD

What you think?
>> No. 43509
Tank as Rainbow Dash's racing partner? Now that's pretty neat.
>> No. 43572
Project Dash now has a forum! Come share your opinion and help the game progress! Also, the forum is pretty basic at the moment but if you or anyone you know hows to work a forum like this into something nice to look at then we're more than happy for the help! :D
>> No. 43590
How about a power up that lets Rainbow Dash shoot lightning bolts out of her hooves?
>> No. 43602
While I'm not absolutely ruling out anything as far as power ups go, shooting lightning out of her hooves doesn't seem like something that RD could do. You have given me an idea involving small black clouds as electrical mines/ grenades however...
>> No. 43606

How about a power-up in the shape of a little black cloud?

It can follow or just hover over RD, shooting lighting on it's own or on command, whatever suits the game better.
>> No. 43612
That is a pretty cool idea... We already have something similar to that in the form of the Twilight token power up. It creates a little purple ball which follows RD around and you can press the special key to fire up to four magic blasts which home in on nearby enemies.
>> No. 43625
Youtube embed play button
  Nestled in the Whitetail Mountains, just North-West of Ponyville, there is an ancient castle. Once home to Princess Reverie, the place lies in ruins now... What will Rainbow Dash find within?
>> No. 43693
File 135876556061.png - (37.27KB , 640x480 , screenshot129.png )
Bit of a screeny of what Dream Castle is set to look like including Dash enveloped in the Fluttershy powerup.
>> No. 43695
File 135878917685.jpg - (81.84KB , 500x375 , Merry-Anne small.jpg )
>> No. 43696
I don't quite get the reference... (^_^)'
But... Thanks? XD
>> No. 43704
The flag looks strange, being layered in front of the ground like that. I noted it on the forums too, but I figured I'd throw it here to be double sure.
>> No. 43705
Thanks for pointing that out, I totally derped on that, it has been fixed. ^_^
>> No. 43721
the story sounds cool
are there any pictures of Nightmare revenant? is Rainbow the only playable character?
>> No. 43740
Thanks! As of yet there are none that we have released. We do have concept art but we'll be releasing that at a later date.

Yes, Rainbow Dash is the only playable character. The gameplay style just can't fit another pony. XD

Also, we're on the lookout for talented level designers. The levels in the game are fairly large and time consuming for the staff that we currently have. If anyone is interested head on down to our forum and drop a post. It will be much appreciated!

Last edited at Thu, Jan 24th, 2013 04:46

>> No. 43742
Sorry bout the double post buuuuut:
MLP: Revenants of Chaos has a Youtube channel in the works. Check it out here:
>> No. 43849
Youtube embed play button
  Now we have the generic boss theme for the game, for when you're slapping a Manticore in the face or facing off against the armies of Madness, you need equally epic music at your back!
>> No. 44104
Youtube embed play button
  Dropping down from the rocky Whitetail Mountains, Rainbow Dash finds herself looking at a beautiful autumn vista. Sadly, not all is as peaceful as it seems... Goat bandits wait in the shadows and with the spirits of the Realm of Madness on the loose, Rainbow must fight her way through all sorts of hazards in order to return to Ponyville.
>> No. 44126
Youtube embed play button
  Some gameplay footage of the Sunken Ruins test stage.
>> No. 44128
0:58 - She should really ascend way faster, also don't try to keep realism in mind if it interferes with the gameplay.
>> No. 44134
In all reality, it's a lot easier to go up in water than down, as the air in your lungs will float you up quickly. Therefore, going up slowly really doesn't make sense.
>> No. 44135
The thing is she rises much quicker than she sinks in anycase... :I
Though I'll see what I can do! ^_^
>> No. 44167
In my opinion, it's a good idea to give the player more control. I think that's why people tend to dislike water levels: the player character usually feels sluggish and less responsive underwater compared to out of water. Rainbow can use her dash meter to remedy that, but it doesn't seem like it lasts long enough to get through the entire water level in the Sunken Ruins video. While I understand that movement would naturally be slower underwater, I think her underwater movement speed should be sped up a tad; otherwise, it almost feels like a punishment for not having enough meter. Of course, I could be wrong as I haven't played the game. I probably should...

I think Rainbow Dash should rise and sink a little faster. If possible, maybe use [Up]+[Jump] to rise faster, [Down] to sink faster, [Down]+[Jump] for controlled swimming—think the Donkey Kong Country games.

Speaking of which, nice remix of Lockjaw's Saga. It's a tad loud, though.
>> No. 44338
Youtube embed play button
  Thanks Vera and BobBon for always being such suteprpors....let me here from more of you, especially if you haven't posted a comment ever before! xoxoxo,Deb
>> No. 44546
Youtube embed play button
  as they watch their last Princess face off against Nightmare Revenant... Who will emerge victorious and what will Rainbow Dash do?
>> No. 44547
Youtube embed play button
as they watch their last Princess face off against Nightmare Revenant... Who will emerge victorious and what will Rainbow Dash do?
>> No. 44589
File 136534136194.jpg - (103.85KB , 800x533 , rotocrystal_by_adamrbi-d60gqvx.jpg )
Adamrb has been helping out with the designs for the awesome enemies of Revenant's of Chaos, this little critter will be found in the Dream Castle level, but what exactly is it? Where do these things come from and how do they fit into the big picture the game is trying to paint? Well, the answers will all be in the game itself, but feel free to speculate. ^_^

Check out more at our DeviantArt group:

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