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osu! (The lowercase o is on purpose) is a freeware rhythm game in the style of Elite Beat Agents/Osu, Tatakae, Ouendan with custom songs. You probably know where this is going, and you are right: The game needs more Brony songs. There are a few songs that have been mapped, as well as a couple from the show, but not enough. It would be awesome is people could help me add Brony songs, as well as pony-themed skins to the game. I am working on the song Love me Cheerilee at the moment. If you think you can make Beatmaps for this game, help me ponify osu!
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I was working on beatmaps for Night of Pony and Pinkie Trigger, now that you mention it. If you want I could see what I could do about those.
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I finished mapping Love me Cheerilee.
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