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Hello thar,
We are working on a website that is dedicated to all form of pony art and in forming connections between new artists and more established ones. We have everything planned out and just need some help finishing up the website. We desperately need webdevs or anyone with web design experience. We would also love to have you on board if you are an artist of any sort. If interested, please contact via skype either myself at chuckles.theman or the webdev team head: xssheadguy. Thanks for the interest!
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What you mean all forms of pony art? Writing and stuff? A new deviantart? New Inkbunny?

I can understand you want to keep some secrecy, but that sort of information is kind of needed to see if you can get anything done. Namely, why would I used my time for it.
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In which programming languange and if any, framework?
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