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I've made a little ask tumblr, and to promote it, I thought, why not come here. I don't ask a lot of you, you could just leave an ask and give it a little peak if you'd want to. This will probably go along with a bit of Doctor Who fandom and Torchwood, yet of course still in the pony-zone.

Here's the URL of the emptiness (for now) of the blog, show this to your brony friends who support a good tumblr blog if you'd like as well!
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>> No. 42519
Famous, not famos.

Roseluck needs to learn how to spell to fit her character better. We will see how this goes.
>> No. 42529
Sorry, I was tired and brain-dead. Considering I had woken up at 4:30 in the morning, I wouldn't deny that there would be at least one typo in it.
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