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So, I've seen plenty of Ponified Homestuck fan art out there, but never a pony Homestuck adventure. I have already begun writing for two possible directions in which this story could go, but would like some user-feedback so I can commit to one, and proceed.

The first concept is simply ponifying all of the existing characters of Homestuck much like this image, replacing “Earth” with “Equestria” And modifying the story only slightly, based on these new details. Note that while this one will stick close to the story, it will not be the exact same story and just redrawing everyone as ponies, but rather a close adaptation.

The second concept isn’t quite as simple, it would be a bit of a mix between canon of MLP and of Homestuck. Canons would take on the roles of the main protagonists. However, they would be a bit younger than they are in the MLP canon, to better fit the setting of Homestuck. This is far more likely to deviate from the story in terms of the characters' actions, while still sticking to the main events of the plot, IE: Reckoning, Jack Noir Parasprites, Lord English...

This is what I have in mind for this possible story so far, I'll update this if I choose to proceed with it: (caution: if you’re not caught up on Homestuck, I’m not responsible for spoilers)

Vinyl Scratch as Dave Strider (Pretty obvious choice, need I say more?)

Octavia as Rose Lalonde (seemed fitting considering that would make her Paradox sisters with Scratch, and she seems to have very fitting matching personality to Rose’s)
-Her “guardian” is her music instructor, an usually strict and overprotective mare... when she’s not drinking... which is always (Berry Punch as Roxy Lalonde in post-scratch Equestria)

Derpy as Jade Harley (Tentative, but something I find fitting. Like Jade, she’s a bit of a weirdo goofball, but with an adorably big heart, bubbly attitude, etc. I’m pretty confident in this choice, but willing to take suggestions)

Caramel as John Egbert (Honestly, this is very tentative, I didn’t want a team of just mares, and there’s very few choices in background stallions. Don’t want to use Shining Armor or Big Macintosh, because I want to avoid direct relation to the mane 6 for now. I'd also like to keep him an earth pony if at all possible, making his "windy thing" more unique than a unicorn's magic or a pegasus' wings)

Additionally, I’m also looking for anyone willing to be artists for this adventure. Could be in a standard MLP style or a more “Homestuck” art style, though I would like some form of variety for things like “Scribble mode” and “Hero mode”. Also, brief .gif animations in photoshop are a HUGE plus!

Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, I’m trying to tailor this to the audience, so please don’t hesitate. I’ll be updating this as more decisions are made
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